You're Invited To An Exclusive Program???

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    Hey everyone, I just posted a bit more info about this initiative. Please take a look!
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    Indeed a bit strange , because i can call out a handfull of people who with me started a long time ago and who did not recieved a invite either,
    I qeus all the time we helped the comunity with stream shows , support facebook pages , lvl ingame years and hours per day of playing dosnt count any more.

    Thank you for your understanding @CM_Burny
  • Breaking Barriers
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    CM_Burny said:
    Hey everyone, I just posted a bit more info about this initiative. Please take a look!
    I just read it 2 times and I do not agree with what's being said at all.

    My little cousin who started war commander just 3 months ago and has only about 1-3% experience got the email and I myself who have been playing for 8 years this month got no email invite at all. 

    I don't feel neglected, I don't feel envious, I do not feel jealous, but I can say that players being hand-selected based on their experience & massive war commander in game knowledge with helping others is NOT true at all and I am sorry that is not just my thinking it is the pure truth. 

    When you invite players who just started playing within 1-9 months, but do not invite die-hard fans that have been playing 5+years, then that tells us the information we are being told is not true and invalid, which again goes back to the depressingly sad way we are communicated with the last 2 years in war commander.

    Sorry if my directness bothers any one and I apologize in advance for that. 

    Good Luck & Very Happy Hunting Commanders!
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    This account does not qualify for War Commander support as it has not spent $50 in the game. You may want to check out our War Commander Help Center or Forums for updates on any ongoing issues.

    @CM_Burny why should i have to spend 50$ to tell you that some times my toon says it healing out on the map can you look in to this
    you can keep asking why and complain or u can team up with others and complain till u get things done
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