3D Printing Ships

  • edle.sieben
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    @xRegis, I figured it was something "original" and that it hasn't been done yet. I'm wondering how far I'll get into detail cause right now I've hit a few snags with my printer deciding to speed up on random parts and pulling the wings of the Dominion right off the plate.
  • Houka-4
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    Honestly, I’d pay for a little 3D printed condor frigate

  • jaredfiori
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    This is some amazing work, I wanted to do the same but I didn’t know how to access the models.

  • edle.sieben
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    @jaredfiori I can help you out with that
  • Wfang71
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    Very nice work

    And interesting

    I'd definitely be interested in a rapture, perhaps a zeal
    My two favourite old school ships

    (highlighted reviews from famous people)
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  • Noah Larscheid
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    So how would I contact you about the 3D models and their files?

  • edle.sieben
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    @Noah Larscheid Send me a message over the forums and I may provide you with my personal contact info.
  • VEGA Security
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    Could I see some pictures of the VSec hulls? I love those ships! 

    And, do you have the files uploaded on any websites?
  • FTLDoom
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    They closed the new post for no reason at all, not even a message about it. Pathetic.
  • FusionInferno1
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    Yeah i was wondering why... Just closed .-. There's nothing wrong with 3D printing ship models. I would assume he wouldve been willing to give out 3D printed models for free...

    just existing at this point

  • edle.sieben
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    Holy Heck. At least people know where the old thread is....

    @VEGA Security, Yes, I plan on getting VSec printed soon. personally Zeals and Lances are my favorite old ships. 

    @FTLDoom @Nightmare Deathlock I think it was cause we talked about "Lawsuits" Can't talk about commerce here.
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    Closing thread as any talk of selling these or contacting for personal information is not prohibited on our forums. If you wish to post what you made for conversation sake, sure.
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