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War Zone

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The new update is great, I love the new Thorium Harvester.The new FOB style is great, to have reinforcement in the attack and also defense when somebody is attacking the base. The only con's on the new FOB is that the deployment cost is very expensive. Can you make it cheaper if possible?
The contestable area are great. I love it. Just keep it in the next update. Now for the War Zone Map, I (We) don't like the cool-down idea. We play this game because we want to enjoy, now you implement the cool-down idea. The problem with this idea is that when you like to go to other war zone it take very long time to wait before you can transfer to other war zone which is disappoints us. And also with the new War Zone it take a lots of OIL to attack a base that very far from our base. Can you bring back the old style when trying to go to another area. As a gamer I love to attack and attack and attack. For the new War Zone I cant do it anymore. On my level I can't attack a very far Base which is cost me a lot of oil and I don't have that reserve of oil. I hope KIXEYE will resolve this problem in War Zone.
  • Some damn dude
    Some damn dude
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    resolve? its about making you pay to play/compete period. the update you like so much has left many of us unable to play. how'd like to drop couple hundred on the game and then a stupid update makes it unplayable. keep that in mind when you say things like "great", "love", "enjoy", "resolve"
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