Changes to Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-C

  • Alexa the BAE
    Alexa the BAE
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    Return armor value to its 'intended' levels and give it to everyone. That will restore balance.
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  • fozzy64
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    So all the players spent extra time and coin to get the armour last month are getting screwed because other player didn't get it? WTF Kixeye! Are you going to credit back 3/4th's of the coin I spent last raid? Maybe give me some tokens for the build time putting them on my ships?
  • CPrice9720
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  • Rod Kimble
    Rod Kimble
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  • Rod Kimble
    Rod Kimble
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    you people are losing your dang minds

  • U C ME
    U C ME
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    The only reason i did mastery level is for charged armours not much of  a token from  the mastery level just one day token on 4/4 now they are nerfing charged armours too wow great kixeye you guys suck 
  • Ice_DS
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    Damage to my fleet better be the same after you nerf these armors i worked hard for or i'm done with this game.....tired of aiming at a moving target as far as game planning goes.
  • Carlo DeNauw
    Carlo DeNauw
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    John1975 said:
    This is NOT ok. Not even a little.
    I real feel pity for you guys. You do all the testing and streaming, trying to help the community so they can be halfway prepared for the raid. But then it turns out Kixeye only uses you as guinea pigs so they can make the raid even harder, and spit in your faces as much as everyone else's. It is shocking how this company treats their customers.
    That is why I said in another thread they need to not make the cats meow fleet for preview servers.  Reason #1 there is a preview server is the players are "smarter " at playing than the developers. They want to see what the majic build and path will be so they can change it.  Cant go there making the best set up hitting it with the best path.  Then Kix changes it (why they had the preview) and the entire community has refit to what was suggested and all have to do it all over.   Preview put on the weapon and armor hit target like your driving a bulldozer take mental notes holes you see wait for raid to come out. 
    Because you have Hydras built? Maybe you're the problem then. lol

    Alos, what are you going to refit in place of the charged armor?!?
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  • kixeyeuser_1387864116824_100007309512820
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    Well I am glad I didn't get this armor now i won't be getting it at all EVER unless it has any use after this point why the change so sudden I don't get if this is what was intended to be then why wasn't it like this at release of the armor just my opinion.
  • crawl1234
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    i paid 12million for each C1-C nice u nerfed it
  • butch1314
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    There are nerfs, and then there is selling something only to break it before the customer can even use it.

  • caederus
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    LOL less than a day before the raid you nerf it. Way to kill off the game even faster! LMAO
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  • Mike Morfino
    Mike Morfino
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    What a shame, Kix, you are doing your very best to kill off a game that could really be fun to play. If you listen to the community, this raid may not be very successful for you. If you continue to let the beanies run the game instead of the guys putting out a good product that people want to play and actually pay for you will be out of business soon. 
    Mike Morfino
  • kixeyeuser_1406300105962_100004147847899
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    under stand this kixeye go fck yourself i payed good money for last raid now at the last moment you nerf my armor no i do not under stand and very glad i did not buy my coin for this raid
  • liv957
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    that's not fair ...I could have had more conq hulls had I known you were going to do this kixeye and saved in build time !!!! you can't change a product after it's sold  wth?
  • BANZAI_Bill
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    OK.... I want some tokens to comp for the reductions... I basically could of skipped putting armor on this fleet... since well... we all know all of this is jacked up to the max.
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