Looking for build ideas for the Hydra Siege Hull

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I managed to claim the Hydra last night, and I've got some time in my shipyard until I'm ready to build one.  I will not be able to claim the special, so I'm specifically interested in builds that don't require that (there are plenty of specials that will do the jobs, but of course you might need two or three to do the job of the Multiplex Charge Doubler).  Barrel System, Atomic Focus, Interception System, and Fusion Charger are all in play here.  There are currently no builds on the Forsaken Council page, which is my usual go-to for questions like this.  

I do also have a concern about the optimized launcher's long minimum range.  That raises issues about what we'll have to do in terms of driving this boat, or whether we'll want to mix with ballistic hulls.

Below are three builds that I have put together on my own.  I would be open to feedback or alternatives.

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