Are the Campaigns worth your time to try?

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First off those lower level players it senseless to even try the camps except the lower ones. Even having the right hulls and build you will not going to ace it. I tried the recent March and Herculean (Late Dec 2017) as I only got part way through and loss bunch of coins for repair.  There was no fun factor at all, just defeated all the time and those coiners or hackers would easy ace them. Yes they could be done if you determine to get through it.  

Here Bob's Rule of Camps. 

1) Read all the information kixeye gives about the Campaign. You may find videos on YouTube on doing the Camp.  Study them. Learn the method used. Notice placement and where they coming from or shooting from. Use a pad write down comments to self on doing the step.

2) The first 3 steps generally have longer time to do and possible all the steps have the same map layout placement of the hulls and turrets. Applied the method used from video or by friend telling you how to go   Most of target inside rank up as you go through the prize steps. Expect the Last Step to be closed to legend status. They are more of them and having an hour you hard press to finished and make mistakes very easy.

3) Doing the first step make note of the position of the targets. Look at the routes to it. Make note of the time to reach these targets. Notice open sea you could fall back onto.  If a base target can you snipe or shoot from side. Zoom screen make note of turret being used. Notice walls are they lite up for protection. Are targets with Spec Flag? What type of Guard hulls being used. How far the shoot could go?

4) This will determine if you going to continue the Camp (or Raid). First off,  it highly recommended by all the vets to rank your fleet to Legend or near it. For the given reload alone.  Also having a Lead Ship of its type for it bonus it gives to other ships of its type. Having some Anti-AA is highly suggested. Don’t depend on high deflection number; there is something in there that going to kill your hull for sure.  Go to the Forsaken Council FB page look for the members suggestion hull builds. Member of this group are the top players in the game.  How well you do the Camp will determine how well your drive and avoid hits, the make up or build of the hull you used and speed and route and escape route you used.  Take notes of the damaged and coin use (those who coin repair).  Time of repair, which hull is taking more damaged then others. This telling you the build is not right. In kix world IT target the first ship it sees or leader there is always a trigger spot they used. If force to go through a narrow route used pinch or rockets at the right time if they not shot down. But speed will get you through and AA mounts.

5) After going through the first step add up your coins used and multi by double each step. You are not going to lower that total much unless you change the build or used a better equip hull. Understand only the highly skill will do things better. Anything over 50 coins to do the step or even camp is a waste of money.  If money no object fine. But don’t get hook on the drug the game gives. You credit card going to be max and you going to kick yourself for letting it get that high. I been there still paying it off.

6) It very unlikely whatever kix say they relax the target or made it easy it will not be,  It a prefect bait to get you to come back and loss again. Only the good vet players will notice the difference. If kix want to give you something.  The offer a package (some very good and useful)  to purchased fully packed (but need changes to hulls) for a price.  Or they will put it end early in the Camp. In Raids many items get put in the Weekly Forsaken (FM) Mission or Weekly.  Generally in the 5th pier.   They put the most important items last in Camps. Without them the hull is non complete. That the bait. Don’t be surprise if kix will give you something reasonable. I will be surprise also.  

7) The past year tokens have sub for coin used. It kix will to save you money they argue. You see them daily in the store and almost every raid camps or event will have some in there. They recently make tokens for class of hulls. Refit is a trying process. That why kix issue the Conquer

8) Battle Pirates is a very flew game with high server volume and complex codes and pixels. Glitches in this game are legacy.  Understand if you don’t spend at least 50 coins kix will not give you any support period.  If something happens or you notice something is not right or do something wrong. Send in a Ticket 95% of the time sometimes at the start of raid or event don’t go well and the game comes down to repair. Do expect this always. I had been in the game since the start. I know this very well. Remember no one owns any sector, kix own the game they the god that will band your base or band you from comm or playing.  So follow their rules and they let you play. We all hate cheaters. 

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