Downtime & Release Notes - 2017.12.28

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Thursday 12/28 update.

Turret Rebalance

A number of balancing changes have been made to the following Turrets:

  • Avalanche

  • Hunter Missile

  • Heavy Flak

  • Overwatch

  • Rail Launcher

Shadow Ops - Operation: Fallen Angels Concludes

Von Kruger’s mining operation has been halted! Verkraft may be on their last legs, but we still have to deal the final blow. Shadow Ops: Operation: Fallen Angels Part 3 contains four weekly Phases which last for 72 hours once activated. Complete Tier 3 in each Phase to earn a Standard Siege Squadron Part. You can only earn one Part per Phase. However, only during Phase 10, you can earn one Standard Siege Squadron Part after each complete playthrough.

Alliance Raid Update

Coordinate attacks on Raid Bases with your Alliance to win brand new Diamond Tech Components!

Diamond Tech for the following units are now available:

  • Disruptor

  • Spartan  ZK

  • Valiant

Diamond Tech for the following units will no longer be available:

  • Detonator

  • Apollo

  • Acolyte

General Fixes and Improvements

  • A bug causing a 2181 Error for some players when Building Caretakers (and other units) has been fixed

  • A bug resulting in the Siege Squadron Boss Base being unable to complete for some players has been fixed

  • Defensive support unit area-of-effect radiuses now displays properly when first loading your Base

  • An issue occurred during the original 12th Day of KIXMAS offer. On 12/25, we activated an additional 12th Day of KIXMAS offer, granting out an unlocked Level 22 Hydra and 20 Omega Hydra parts.

  • The following issues were fixed on Friday, December 22nd

    • An issue preventing some players from progressing in Operation: Espionage’s Main and Faction Tracks has been fixed

    • A bug preventing some players from receiving the correct rewards has been fixed

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