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Unplayable ...

Chris Hall63
Chris Hall63
Joined Nov 2017 Posts: 9

This game like most others is all about the $$$ ... it's so unbalanced .. mines way too powerful .. airplanes useless ...players 15 levels below have more defenses than my levels 10s can touch .. its All about getting me to pay for better stuff .. skill and strategy have little to do .. it's all about who's wallet is fatter .. and don't even get me stated on the AI .. tell em to turn 90 left to avoid mines they'll take a right turn immediately before turning left and run right into em .. game has became laughable .. all my buddies gave up I am too .. off to a more balanced game not all about the money ..

  • Some damn dude
    Some damn dude
    Joined Sep 2017 Posts: 6
    well, better not be one with in app purchases, i suggest ARMA 3, best mil sim ever, period, hands down
  • Mike_A715
    Joined Jan 2018 Posts: 7

    This game is so un-playable, 1) lag issues are really do o the fact hey want you to spend more money 2) now you have to pay with oil to even move and attack in world map which means they want you to spend more money and become farmers, if I wanted to farm then I would go play a farming game!. 3) this game has become nothing more than a money pit and I for one am deleting the game and moving on as if these guys had a clue hey would know who actually pays their salary we the people in which they do not listen too, so good riddens and putting in for refund for monies spent here for the last month and I encourage others to do the same. Just walk away

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