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We wanted to thank you for testing out the new changes to Turrets on the Preview Server.  Here’s a note from WrongThinker regarding all that preview feedback:

Commanders, thanks so much for participating in our recent balance update preview.  Though there was a wide variety of feedback on the changes, there were two things we heard from enough community members that we decided to re-evaluate them: the changes to the Rail making it too strong and the changes to the Overwatch not making it strong enough.

Because our post-preview testing revealed just how weak the Rail remains to Airborne units and swarms of Infantry, we’re going to leave the Rail the way it was on preview.  Ardra and the Jugg are intended to be countered by the Rail Launcher, so make sure you bring the right tool for the job!  However, our continued evaluation of the Overwatch revealed that it wasn’t quite able to do its job of taking out infantry hordes, so we have reduced its Reload Time and increased its range at lower levels (to match the other Heavy Turrets).  We will absolutely continue to monitor these changes going forward, as our goal is to make sure each turret has clear strengths and weaknesses.  If that has not been achieved with these adjustments, we’ll make it right.

Below is the full list of changes that we have implemented with this release.  Thanks again!


  • Turret: Avalanche

    • The Avalanche has received the oft-requested 10th level it has so long-deserved.  This 10th level offers improved damage of 17500 per shot (before it’s damage spins up) and brings the maximum range of the Avalanche to 625.

    • We've adjusted the Avalanche’s research pricing, equip costs, damage, and range to provide a smoother progression. Ultimately, the turret is a bit more affordable now, which it needed to be, as it is an absolutely essential turret to have in your base. In addition, we've finally added the oft requested 10th Avalanche level.

      • Cumulative Research costs have been reduced from 719m Metal and Oil (from levels 1-9) to 550m Metal and Oil  (from levels 1-10).

      • Cumulative Research time has been reduced from about 30 days (from Levels 1-9) to about 20 days (from Levels 1-10).

      • Equip Costs have been reduced from variable amounts to a flat 250k at all levels.

      • Range now scales 25 at all Levels up through level 10.  This means a 25 Range Reduction to Level 8 (from 600 to 575) and the turret caps out at 625 Range at Level 10.

      • Damage to non-Unique Infantry and non-Unique Vehicles has been doubled.  This means Infantry now takes full damage from Avalanche shots (up from 50%) and Vehicles now take 50% damage from Avalanche shots (up from 25%).  This change does not affect the damage to any Airborne units.

        • This change WAS on preview as it outlined here.  I regret that, due to my own error, the preview notes represented an iteration of the changes that had been rejected internally before we went to preview.  Apologies.  -WT

  • Heavy Turret: Hunter Missile

    • The Hunter Missile was supposed to provide a high-damage single-target defense against air units, but it was not quite strong enough in some situations while far too strong in others. It was far too strong against groups of units while not potent enough against individual units. By removing it’s Splash Radius, but increasing it’s DPS, it’s role is better defined and it no longer is as punishing when RUBI accidentally groups up your units. To defeat the Hunter, it’s best to swarm it with air units or use your ground forces!

      • Damage per shot has been increased for levels 1-15 from 37.5k-400k to 150k-1.6m.

      • Lock-On times has decreased from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds for all levels.

      • Reload time has decreased from 2 seconds to 1 second for all levels.

      • Splash Radius has been reduced from 80 to 0 for all levels.

  • Heavy Turret: Heavy Flak

    • Out of all the Heavy Turrets, the Heavy Flak was easily doing the worst job of filling its intended role.  Since the intended role of the Heavy Flak is to be anti-swarm, so the changes below are designed around making it take on more swarm-based airborne units, like the Bonesaw or Fury.  This was made worse by the fact the Hunter was already reasonably effective against groups of units (especially if RUBI clumped them up).  To defeat the Heavy Flak, use airborne units that have larger health pools and appear in fewer numbers or ground units.

      • Damage against all non-Unique air units has been increased by 300%.

      • Damage per shot has increased for levels 1-15 from 12.6k-17.75k to 50.4k-71k.

      • Splash Radius increased from 150 to 200 at  all levels.

      • Maximum damage fall-off increased from 0% to 50%.

        • This means that targets on the edge of the Splash Radius now take 50% of the damage that the target at the center takes.

  • Heavy Turret: Overwatch

    • The Overwatch has always been a solid turret, but it fell behind the curve quite a bit in the Faction era, making it ineffective at doing its job of mopping up large numbers of infantry.  The solution was simple: it needed to be stronger.  To defeat the Overwatch Turret, use Heavy Vehicles or Airborne units.

      • Damage per projectile has increased for levels 1-15 from 6k-106k to 10k-150k.

      • Splash Radius increased from 100-120.

      • Reload Time between salvos have been reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.

      • Range has been adjusted to match the other three heavy turrets, scaling from 500 to 700 by level 8, with all higher levels having 700 range.

  • Heavy Turret: Rail Launcher

    • The Rail Launcher had some really odd inconsistencies.  For example, a single shot would deal about 50% of a Hammer’s health in damage… but also only about 50% of a Liberators health.  Much of this was caused by some behind-the-scenes modifiers that massively decreased damage against Infantry units. Removing these hidden modifiers makes the damage output of the Rail Launcher much more consistent.  Further, we've also removed the small amount of Splash Damage the Rail has, meaning that it can't kill multiple units with a single shot, even if those units accidentally grouped-up (with a Reload Reduction that helps it remain strong in the situations it was intended to be strong in).  To defeat the Rail Launcher, use Airborne units or swarm it with large numbers of ground units, such as Infantry, as it is much harder to deal with when using fewer numbers.

      • Damage to Infantry increased from 25% to 100% for all Levels

      • Splash Radius reduced from 10 to 0

      • Reload Time decreased from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds

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