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12/27 Update Notes

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The time has come once more to break out your Conqueror Hulls, and smash bases to steal bounty. This time the top prize is the newest Conqueror Hull, Boulderfist! We are also introducing our newest feature: Co-op

Legion Headquarters

There is a new Legion Headquarters target spawning on the map near Draconian Uranium Bases 'DUBs'.  You will see this target for about a week.  This is a brand new Co-op target that will allow you and another player to bring in fleets to challenge this target.  You are going to want both a Siege and Skirmish fleet to be able to complete this target.  All players who are in the target when it’s completed will receive a Small Legion Chest.  This chest will drop one charged armor (could be C1-M, C1-X or C1-C),  as well as up to 20 Hours of Structure Build Tokens. The is the next challenging Co-op target we are introducing.  Keep your eyes out for further targets in the future!

This target will start spawning Wednesday 12/27 @ 9am PST

Bounty Season Five

This season is going to be very similar to season four.  This will include King of the Nexus as well as defense bonuses. The top prizes for this season are going to be the Boulderfist Conqueror Hull, as well as its weapon and special.

Bounty Begins at 10am Thursday 12/28

For more information please the bounty briefing here (<--- Click Link)

Herculean TLC

This TLC will allow you earn the new Hydra Siege Cruiser hull.  This hull is going to have the first CIC slot, and the first CICs will be released in the January event, which will provide a variety of abilities for the Hydra to be used against the Siege event targets. The first two runs can be done with either Hunter or Fangtooth, to get the Weapon and Hull. The third and fourth runs will require both Hunter and Fangtooth fleets to complete (these include the event S Targets)

TLC runs from 12/29 - 1/10

For more information please see the in-game campaign menu.

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