Downtime & Release Notes - 2017.12.14

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7.50 Release Notes


The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Thursday 12/14 update.


The Verkraft threat is not yet eliminated. They’ve rallied and are launching an all-out assault on bases in the Sector. Defend against each Verkraft wave to earn Medals, Components, and Drakon Training Tokens. If you’re able to beat a wave in only one attempt, you earn an additional ‘Perfect’ prize. Click here to read the full Invasion Briefing.

Siege Squadron Boss Base

A rogue group of Ravagers have taken over parts of the World Map! They have fully operational Siege Squadrons that threaten to throw the Sector into chaos. We need your help to stop them in their tracks. Click here to read the full Siege Squadron Boss Base Briefing.

Get a sneak peak at the Siege Squadron in action in the Spotlight Video below!

Client Performance Improvements

Various client performance improvements surrounding Bases and Platoons have been implemented, and now there is more caching for in-battle function results.

Known Issues

There is a known bug where some players will see an input delay when units first take damage, this is being worked on and will be fixed as soon as possible. This is a visual error only.

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Single use Zombies can no longer be used as Base Defenders

    • Please note that the Single Use Zombies will be removed from active defensive Platoons and will be repaired automatically

    • Your Units in your Defensive Platoons may have been sent to Storage

  • Players can now repair PVP and regular Air Platoons simultaneously

  • An issue preventing players from building Air Units has been fixed

  • Some instances of Limited Tech not appearing in the Gear Store has been fixed

  • The hovering height for the Elite and Omega Blackouts has been raised

  • The Store Video for Siege Rounds now appears correctly in-game

  • Explosion sounds now work properly

  • The Repair All button has been fixed

Preview: Balancing Update

We will debut balancing updates beginning on Thursday evening Friday for the following Units.

  • Turret: Avalanche

  • Heavy Turret: Hunter Missile

  • Heavy Turret: Heavy Flak

  • Heavy Turret: Overwatch

  • Heavy Turret: Rail Launcher

More information about the Public Preview is coming soon!
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