Chores killing the game

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First time I found myself to say since ages, i m getting tired of this game. I saw that kix is thinking of changing the chores gathering and I have to say I hope so. I dont have any problems to get titanium for example. I can do with phoenix 5 - 20 min of intense driving in a 85 target depends if the cheeseball lands on me. ( never had any problem in raid with it, guess another change from kix ). Some peeps in my alliance can only do lower targets but even I m willing to prep for them there is no retreat button. I just have to say I m fed up with it. The massive ammount that you need is just annoying. Conq shipyard is taking insane ammount. Building or upgrade the base - same. I stopped upgrading the hyp, since kix changed the ammounts of parts but increased the titanium need. The same fleet you need for the **** tlc to gather the tokens for the raid fleet.  I m fed up of that target and even I can do it, just wont do as much anymore. There is no time for fun and pvp. Kix is keeping us busy with chores and I see myself playing another game. Also see atm 29 k players online. lol. Kix you killing your own game as I m not the only one that thinks the same way. We have raid, then bounty, fm, then on top 3-4 tlc if not more, vxp and on top of that we have chores. When do you want us actualy to have fun? I used to be an active player but seen myself 1h in game this whole weekend.
  • king-878
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    I agree with him this game as gone to crap with everything be so compacted together i use to play this game 24/7/365 but its getting less and less fun so im about to quit the game unless something changes and i think everyone agrees so id change something or u are going to lose alot of money on this game cause i use to spend a lot of money on this game but now there is no point cause of all the chores

  • rayden
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    stop playing then if you are not happy  simple as that
  • Stoneye_Angeline
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    rayden said:
    stop playing then if you are not happy  simple as that:

    Look how many ppl playing nowdays and remember how many ppl used to play 3 years ago. I still like the game. But kix want more pvp and wont get it till there are less chores to have time for pvp, simple as that

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