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Most unbalanced game ever ?

Chris Hall63
Chris Hall63
Joined Nov 2017 Posts: 9

Players 22 levels below me ? Defeating my level 7s and 8s ??
Your game needs a massive overhaul .. and not a new GUI interface with chat rooms.. which seems to be all you've been working on .:. Game used to be fun but now it's so unbalanced impossible to progress without giving you more money .. which ain't gonna happen ..
and what's with your mines now ? Screw the guns the mines will take out your whole squad in 10 secs ... ridiculous bs .. do your programmers even play the game ? Guessing not .
Can u say money scam ? Yep

  • Stucatz
    Joined Dec 2017 Posts: 3

    I Cant believe the SUPPORT SUCKS on this game, its been 9 days and they still haven’t solved my GLITCH. Bought many packages, spent good money, and my airstrip lvl 3 was glitched back to lvl 2, NO REASON, just a glitch. Plus 3 Thunder Airplanes. WTF, this game is a SCAM!!!

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