Downtime & Release Notes - 2017.12.06

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7.49 Release Notes


The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Wednesday 12/06 update.


Earn Honor, climb the Leaderboard, and lay waste to all you face! Battle against other players in a single round of Warpath, with an adjusted Honor system. Do you have what it takes to climb the Leaderboard? Click here to view the Warpath Briefing.

December Gear Store Update

New Units and Tech have entered the Gear Store! Use your Medals to obtain the Phalanx, Cyclops, Expert Deena and much more. Check out the December Gear Store Update by clicking here.

  • Jericho Tech will remain in the Gear Store as Last Chance through December due to an issue preventing it from being displayed for some players in November. This includes the Ark Loader and Rapid Fire tech.

New PVP Air Platoon - Air Sigma

A new permanent PVP Air Platoon is now available! Units damaged in Air Sigma benefit from 50% faster Repair times. Air Sigma will be available even after Warpath ends. Air Sigma will also be replacing one of the current PVP Platoons, which will cause that Platoon to be disbanded if it is currently in use. All Troops in the disbanded Platoon will be moved to Storage.

New Bases

Raid Bases

  • An older Gold Cave Base is being replaced by a new Gold Base.

Challenge Bases

  • All Challenge Bases (25, 40, and 90) have been updated.

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Players no longer receive a 2033 error when visiting or attacking Deposits

  • Player attack logs no longer get stuck loading

  • A display issue causing player-owned Deposit Hit Point bars to show as depleted has been fixed

  • Moving buildings around inside of a Deposit will no longer trigger an error

  • An issue causing platoons to get stuck while attacking has been fixed.

  • The Elite Blackout image now displays correctly in production Buildings

  • An issue causing the Standard Blackout model to appear for the Elite Blackout has been fixed

  • A schematic portrait for the Drakon has been added to the game

  • An issue causing Bases to not pay out prizes to some players has been fixed

  • The following issues were fixed prior to today’s release:

    • An issue causing the Blackout Boss Base to not payout Shadow Ops Points has been fixed

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