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So recently a new trap has been added to the game and I thought it would be nice to have a thread explaining all the traps in the game as well as the difference between the two types of traps we have out as of right now.

So before I start on specific traps, I thought I would start with the two types. They are sandtraps and walls. 

Walls block a path in your channel until they are destroyed. Their buffs/penalties as well as their turrets die with them when they are destroyed. The only walls we have currently are the Drac Seawall and the Great Rampart.

Sandtraps slow your enemy but do not block them. Their buffs/penalties are permanent, meaning even after they are destroyed their effects last, but their turrets do die when it is destroyed. We only have one sandtrap at the time of writing this, the Scourge undersea web.

The Great Rampart
So the Great Rampart is more or less just a wall with a ton of health. It adds 2,500,000 armor to the portal that you equip it to. The Great Rampart is a wall, so it must be destroyed before your attackers can pass through it. It adds 55% defense to ballistic, missile, explosive, radioactive, corrosive, and concussive. The buffs it gives only apply to the portal it is on and they will be gone once it is destroyed.

The Drac Seawall
The Drac Seawall is more of a strategy type of wall. It works very well vs some of the current conqueror hulls and others it dies fairly quickly. The faction you have determines the buffs that it gives. It adds 3,124,290 armor to the portal it is equipped to, as well as specific damage type deflections and a turret damage boost whose amount is dependent on the faction you choose. The buffs that this adds only apply to the stuff equipped to the portal with it.

The Scourge Undersea Web
The Scourge Undersea Web is currently the only sandtrap in the game. Its boosts/penalties all stay after it is destroyed. When it is killed all you lose is the turrets that you have equipped to the portal. Like the Drac Seawall, the faction you choose has an impact as to what this does to your attackers. It adds 2,000,000 armor to the portal it is equipped to and also has a cavitation field that surfaces submarines in its range, which is 100. The field is permanent and stays even after it is destroyed.

Feel free to message me any questions you may have as well as any information I may have left out as I will have this locked.
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