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Balance Changes - 2017.11.29

CM Chris
CM Chris
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Commanders, we’ve pushed several balance changes to Rogue Assault that increase the power of three units and decrease the oil cost in Daily Raids. Details below:

  • Temporary Oil Production increase mentioned in the 11.15 Patch Notes has completed and been disabled. This ran for an extra week, and we hope you found it helpful!

  • The 1st Tier of the Daily Raid maps has been reduced to 100 Oil Cost.

  • M3 Balance Tuning: Increased survivability to explosives & mines; Increased damage output especially to platforms and helicopters.

    • Turret

      • Health Increased to 13,060

    • Autocannon

      • Damage type changed to Ballistic

      • DPS increased to 5,264

      • Damage vs Platforms: 300%

    • TOW

      • DPS increased to 1,400

      • Burst damage increased to 7,000

      • Damage vs Platforms: 220%

    • Stinger

      • DPS increased to 2,400

      • Burst damage increased to 9,600

      • 2x damage vs Helicopters

    • Chassis

      • Mine Armor increased to 30,000

      • Explosive Armor +30,000

  • BMP Balance Tuning: Increased survivability to Armor Piercing; Increased damage output especially to barriers.

    • Turret

      • AP Armor increased to 47,550

    • Cannon

      • Barriers damage increased to 250%

    • AGS Squad

      • Health increased to 47,550

  • AGS Balance Tuning: Increased damage output to Platforms and Tanks

    • AGS Launcher

      • Damage Type changed from Ballistic to Armor Piercing

      • Attack Range +20

      • Damage vs Heavy Vehicles: 150%

Good luck out there!

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