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Black Friday Component Sale!

CM Chris
CM Chris
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Starting at 10AM PST on Friday, all Critical, Common, and Equipment Components will be 50% OFF when you buy them through Direct Purchase in your Army menu.


Merkava IVM Critical x50 was 500 Gold - is now 250 Gold!
MAAWS’ M2CG Recoilless Rifle Equipment x50 was 2,400 Gold - is now 1,200 Gold!

To do Direct Purchase of components, open your Army menu, click on a unit, then select the + button next to any of the unit’s critical, common, or equipment components. You’ll be taken to the Shop where you can buy either 1 or multiple of this component for gold.

This offer only lasts for 24 hours, so make sure to take advantage while you can!

CM Note

- There are balance changes coming to the BMP and the M3 very soon that will boost their power levels. If you are wondering what units to focus on for the component and gold sale - these units are a great starting place!

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