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Patch Notes - 2017.11.15

CM Chris
CM Chris
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Greetings Commanders,

CM Chris here. I understand that our most recent round of balance changes left many of you feeling more than a little frustrated or confused. We’ve taken the day to listen closely in our various community channels, and in doing so we’ve tried to better understand the concerns that are being raised. Your feedback when changes like these occur are very important to us, as we consider Rogue Assault to be a living game that we are all participating in together.

The reason that these balance changes were made was as a result of the endgame meta becoming too singular in approach.  We want Rogue Assault to be challenging and varied, even at the highest level. As such, we implemented the defensive changes to increase the usage of a wider variety of defenses and units.

We have released a planned second tuning pass, based on listening to users and our above stated goals of balance and variety in the landscape of the game.  

Here are those changes:


  • Oil Production Rates will increase by 50% until Tuesday morning, 10AM PST


  • Repair Costs for certain tanks have decreased around 30%

    • Abrams

    • Merkava

    • T-14

  • Secondary Weapons now hit level 9 platforms

  • BM-30 Whirlwind

    • Improved Splash damage

  • TOS

    • Improved Splash damage

    • More focused fire for increased damage

  • Bradley

    • Increased damage vs Platforms

    • TOW Missile Equipment has received increased damage vs Platform

    • Slightly decreased damage vs Barriers

  • AC-130

    • Increased damage vs Barriers

  • KA-50

    • Storm Missile Equipment increased dmg vs Platform

  • Avenger

    • Increased damage vs Platforms

  • M1 Breacher

    • Flail Equipment increased damage vs Barriers

  • MK Shredder

    • Flail Equipment increased damage vs Barriers

Thank you all for providing feedback to us very clearly, and we hope you’re looking forward to Breakout.

KIXEYE Director of Marketing
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