UPDATED: Downtime & Release Notes - 2017.11.15

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Wednesday 11/15 update.


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General Fixes and Improvements

  • Shadow Ops Level 45 Base has been updated

    • Levels of specific Units have been lowered

    • Lowered the amount of frontline defender Units

  • UPDATED FOR CLARIFICATION: The Attack Range Tooltip for Ground Units has been updated in-game to include the ground to air bonus

    • Ground unit tooltips will now include: “Ground units gain 20% additional Range against Airborne targets.”

    • Please note that this bonus has always been in the game and is now more visible

    • You can view this Tooltip in the Production Menu by hovering your mouse over the "Range" Stat on Ground Units

Bug Fixes

  • Please note the following fixes were applied on November 12th

    • Building a Bastion with Resources no longer produces an Error

    • Building a Bastion with resources no longer completes instantly upon reloading your Base

    • Placing a Bastion while in Base Editor now works properly and is no longer automatically stashed

    • Building Mines with resources no longer causes them to not save properly in your Base

    • Unit production now continues properly after a Building is repaired

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