FM / Update Discussion 11/1

  • John Thomas3750
    John Thomas3750
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    You guys are having an absolute laugh

  • S_Skunk
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    Thank you for nothing Kix . Did an 89 to see with 4 IB , got slaughtered. Good night , Im out . Off to play POTC instead.
  • blackhawk4040
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    HowHigh said:
    I expect he quit, kix has made him a liar and sacrificed what last trust we had. 
    You suspect wrong...  Not that its not expected...
  • augustin.pineiro
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    the new fm is a disgrace as is the way kixeye treats its costomers we pay there salleries this what we get slapped in the face i spent thousands on this game for what the new fm damage up armoiur up on bases and ships payout in points is pitifully low we get banned for hacking well think many in kixeye need to be fired for mistreating there costomers well thats my opinion hope everyone else feel s the same
  • kixeyeuser_1375599580027_13280_1382897133
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    So many things wrong with it, like the insane damage increase, the ridiculous disparity in points between a high level target and anything lower, but I see one important change that is clear despite you trying to hide it with the new layout and points system.

    Before you could hit 3 high level targets and be almost at tier 5, Now it's 5 and that's taking the mickey to put it mildy

    You can't raise the stakes damage wise AND make us hit more targets - oh wait, you did already

    Thanks for nothing
  • hanz heizer
    hanz heizer
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    lmfao,i knew this dam sky tlc target would come.wen you really think kixeye i start to coin FM now you on the **** wrong path.was able to do very easy twice to T5 and now have after 1 target more damage than in 50 times finish FM twice ? you did great,you removed and killed the last good thing in game.what you think how lower lvl do FM now ? you even have think about them or just focus on your big boys ? this is not a pvp game anymore.we have to do chores and chores.sure,you not must do them but wen you not do you fall back asap.seems time is over for me in this game.
  • Alex11111
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    me too, weird
  • NorthernTimberWolf
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    Nov. 1st 2017, the day BP died. FYI, the chests expire in 3 days once you start, so yeah, you get 6.5 days to do the FM but your get furked on the chest that expires after a few days. 

  • Stevie22
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    The 115 was a campaign target!! Loosing a fleet to do the last lvl of a campaign is bearable, having that same target in something that has to be repeated a multiple of times isn't just stupid, it's ignorant and insulting. So many dead bases in the game these days you just gone and made a whole lot more in 1 quick move. When lvl 121 players are quitting you need to have a real look at were your getting you ideas from and send the guy back to the nut house where he belongs!!!
  • lokithemad176
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    What with prize pool 4 & 5 elite forsaken chest expiring time's.   
  • daniel.larubbio83
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    Wow what a joke , after 4 years it might be time to say f this game.

  • Don Willis
    Don Willis
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    I'm done. 250,000 points for a 115 that killed 3 of my fleets? To get all the prizes and chests would take dozens of them. It took just over 3 of the 113's to hit tier 5. Not it takes 5 of the 115's just to get a single prize out of tier 5 assuming you pass on getting anything from tiers 1 through 4. Keep your FM. I'm done with it.
  • TheHolsh
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    Once you start it, it goes back to normal and tells you the ones you have completed.

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    well game over for me just tryed new 115 with icebreaker and got chewed up fast ..they used to run 4 113,s before change so im out ...goodluck saving game now can see most jacking it in now ..MISFIT {RMPS} OUT
  • xVENENOx
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    TRASH got killed in less then 1 min the the 115 target the Cold snap kills my **** and THIS FM SUCKS

  • Ragin_Cajun7
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    You know it's not like this is the only fleet that needs repairs. I can't take this much damage and actually get prizes I need. Got other ships I use to hit other targets that take damage too. Do you expect us to coin repairs on our fleets just to complete the FM??? Every week??? Get a clue Kixeye and get it FAST
  • frank.aubert.16
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    lol skulled mono fleet i was doing entire weekly to t5 2x for about 3hrs repair just got its **** handed to it in an 82 for 4000 pts way to **** up kix good job on not letting us down
  • drizzit3rd
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    I thought we had 6.5 days to complete the FM...  

  • kiwis
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    I got 2 items in tier 1 chest 100 uri and 1 hr research token no thank you not worth the damage to see what else there is.
  • bill-h
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    Lmfao what a waste of time 33 coin repair in the first 115 that i hit that aint going to happen so i guess this crap is going to save me money Mr Kixeye i wont be spending no coin on the **** up crap 
  • davec415
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    another problem is i have muddle and special. fm list them that i have 0/1 on both. Don't tell me i have too buy them again????
    Playing Since July 10 2011
  • TheHolsh
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    Aww, look at you, having to make your own goodbye post.....   mods can close this.

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  • NorthernTimberWolf
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    It's a big load of crap is what it is. They say you get 6.5 days, but it's really only 4 days. 

  • SecondTime
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    well 250 k in points - 1 token used + 5 coins and now 17 coins to repair fleet after 1 hit on a 115 target so to add it all up 1 token and 22 coins to do a 115 target
  • neill.rowland.1
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    Why is there an 4 day expiry time on the legendary chest, I thought we had over 6 days to do it?
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