FM / Update Discussion 11/1

  • rrdata
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    They should at least bring back some old targets into FM so ppl have time to adapt and build or refit a fleet this is a no go!. could do 113 for free now I need to repair same fleet on 115 twice ? no way. also could do 88 with a fleet for a small amount off repair.. now it can't do ****... really don't like it at all !
  • Hippy259
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    You guys re balanced the 68 as well. Was that left out of update notes on accident?
  • nomen.nescio.33483
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    Love the new update :-) if there isnt a challenge, whats the point in playing...
  • bob.okker
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    And the mods and all other Kix employees stay quiet
  • Ray_P
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    Rampage to offer something constructive you could restore the old targets and basically collect the feedback on the new and then spend more time re configuring and having players preview and test the targets with a variety of fleets.   It might be an opportunity to **** victory from the jaws of defeat.  If you persist with this the only way is down.

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  • BaldBarber
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    beel78 said:
    TheHolsh said:
    Before I start I will at least wait for the release notes which will hopefully have some more esoteric info on the FM changes. I always wait for others to try new targets so I can get some scouting reports. I  am not even surprised anymore at all the people that rush into new targets and then complain. I think they have a word for that.
    The time requirement increase alone is too much....  not even counting the extra damage.
    What is this time requirement you are talking about? The only time requirement I know of was having 3 days to do the FM.  Really hope they get around to posting the release notes today.
    i know for the 115, (besides my fleet dying) I had to exit out once to recharge the armor.  The coldsnaps and rhinos are a copper plated ****.
    I sent in my phoenix to take out the rhinos only and i took an hour damage from 2 in the 115. It's this or do 24 103s for a prize i don't want and then another 24 for the chest, unless we can get the chest first without buying a prize in the pool. Anyone know these details? No way I have time (or desire) to sit and grind that many targets and then get a 3 day token only. No thanks. I do not coin, but my base sinks fleets of those that do (sometimes) so I bring in income to Kix. They often forget this, or do not care. If you are trying to kill the game, mission is about accomplished. Put the FM back to how it was and admit your error. Or watch many players leave in droves never to return.
  • Steve Rade
    Steve Rade
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    before i go thru the TT system is there a issue with the free rep tokens?  I have none and have logged out/in and refreshed.. KIX???
  • alfie2000
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    Looks like I'll be playing with what I have from here on. Insane leap in difficulty!
  • Connorday
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    anyone know if the locator is working again for the rnd i dont want to start researching if its still not working 
  • alfie2000
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    Looks like I'll be playing with what I have from here on. Insane leap in difficulty!
  • drizzit3rd
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    I don't even know what to say...  I'm speechless... 

    Geez, you guys just don't get it do you? 

  • John Richardson21
    John Richardson21
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    so before i could do 3 x 113 and get 5hr repair now i try 115 and do one side for 14hr repair. No tokens for repair as promised. Way to go Kix killing game more

  • Yamato
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    Kixeye have **** us yet again, absolutely crazy.....Kixeye's greed strikes yet wonder so many are leaving. :(
  • ryan723
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    First of all, gotta say that I love the change to the Bookmarks! Thank you!!!

    Second of all, I would like to point out the fact that there was a lot of negative feedback on the FM we are currently changing from, such as high damage to point ratio and the 350 mil target points. But We Overcame and Adapted!!! So please everyone, give some time to adjust to your new surroundings.

    But there are a few details that I do not like, such as the glowing on the bookmarks icon magnifying glass, not sure if that's temporary, but hope so.
    And the redemption clock on the chests in the FM, that is a little upsetting, especially, when we are still learning the new targets.

    Perhaps the redemption clock can be removed on the chests, all together, or added back in, if adamant, in a couple of FM rounds to get everyone time to adjust.

    Thank you.
    Lucky Luke wrote: »
    Our group has started to call them Zombie fleets....for obvious reasons.
    I will be following this thread with interest. Please carry on.
  • Scott St
    Scott St
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    New weakly is not to bad but needs work . Points from 115 is to low for the damage and damage from the fleet in 115 is to high when they come at You from front and back at same time . Kind of hard for tank to take the fire from them when it can be in two places at same time . Don't like that this looks like a weakly raid now ....
  • Dirty_Burn
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  • Jnglwmn
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    Yes this is insanity.  I normally take damage on my mono's in the old target 113's but I don't mind coining a little if reasonable for the FM.  I just lost same mono fleet twice, TWICE and killed maybe 1//5 of the 115.  Thats 44 coins repair, HAVE NO REPAIR TOKENS GIVEN not that it would matter.  This is the final nail in the coffin for sure.  
  • RallySTX
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    15 hours repair, no tokens, and way too much damage, target too touch, you people are a bunch of lyiong ****, and you can shove this **** up your candy ****.
  • Mad Viking
    Mad Viking
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    Great, the target you made the 115 is the one I was hoping you didn't (and if you did, tuned it way down) well you didn't. Its complete crap to introduce a target that causes this much damage to my top end garrison fleets. Both my icebreakers (2 charged M and X armors with Flag) and my Mono fleet got badly hurt in here - the cold snaps I can live with, the fleets not so much - the amount of damage they take before dying is crazy.
  • Coulbauth
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    I had a long post ready to post and then realized it's not worth it you say you listen to us but only enough to to make it look like you do then you come out with the 115. you know what I have better thing to spend my money on
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  • ikillyou44
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    another step towards the end of this game, thanks for 6 years of glitches, thins k you have just got rid of another 20k players with this new move. Shame we cant get our cash back, no more off me and another dead base on the seas

  • Rpr Specialist Pls
    Rpr Specialist Pls
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    What happen to the idea of changing targets AFTER the raid cycle for those targets? Also, they made the changes sound like it wouldn't be a major change. Why play the game when the chores are now a full fledged ordeal. Either they fix it soon or I walk. This is bull crap.
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  • mattheusD
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    Like, where are the repair tokens promised???? Dead fleet already and guess what, no tokens....
    Tokens are being processed now.  The volume of tokens is taking longer than expected.
    you can keep your tokens,they are like a band-aid for a severed hand,absolutely useless

  • Pawan_88
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    i also refresh many times and no tokens and FM started already! 
  • Praepolo
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    I hate to join the general kix sucks crowd but i have to admit with the dmg output in 115s that is way too high. Fully kitted out fleets shouldn't have to repair/swap out a tank to hit 1 farm target. I took about 4.5 hours repair, can prob get that down to 3 but the rhinos are hard hitting and can't shoot down all the missiles.

    On a more positive note i don't mind the changes to the points store variant, it'll help ppl catch up.....if they can hit 115.
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