FM / Update Discussion 11/1

  • nick58211
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    Hey, the fm may not be the best change.... but the new locator looks amazing.

  • RallySTX
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  • BaldBarber
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    arnast said:
    What a load of rubbish had a look at the prizes why would i want to spend points on prizes that i already have..nice going kixeye..Once you complete a target for some points it will show you already own (and can't/don't have to buy).
  • Shapu_the_farm
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    arnast said:
    What a load of rubbish had a look at the prizes why would i want to spend points on prizes that i already have..nice going kixeye..
    There are tokens....
  • Pizel
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    resolved, they have appeared
  • Violet_Parr
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    I thought I hadn't received my tokens either since there was no pop up about it. I finally found them in the Hull-Specific tab at the very bottom after the VXP tokens. I hope this helps others find them too. Still patiently waiting for the release notes though. 
  • alan mosley
    alan mosley
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      So where's the repair tokens, haven't received any as of yet...

  • hans.meilenstein
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    now with the fm change, iam out. the new 115 are really to hard, i coined a bit in the game..
    you're not going'll figure it out, like every other new thing that initiates this reaction in this game, and be back next week

    no i dont have charged armor or 3 fleets to do a one115
  • Papa1948
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    yep Kix upped the damage in a huge way in the 115's and still no repair tokens
  • montgomery scott
    montgomery scott
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    10 hours of repair for 7,000 points. WTH....
  • joejo
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    good ole greedeye trying to kill the game

  • SecondTime
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    well that did not last or go very well so i sent in some pictures to support damage to points to coin/time you lose is not worth the hit to target !!!!
  • TheHolsh
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    Well, one positive is we get full credit for the points in these targets. 
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  • DogStar123
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    Before I start I will at least wait for the release notes which will hopefully have some more esoteric info on the FM changes. I always wait for others to try new targets so I can get some scouting reports. I  am not even surprised anymore at all the people that rush into new targets and then complain. I think they have a word for that.
  • Michael Quill
    Michael Quill
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    A   N   U   S
  • DQO07
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    How is it that the Rhinos are shredding my Zelos like paper through 2 charged M and 90% defense... Something seems wrong here, I used to be able to do 2-3 113s depending on the RNG of Deadeyes, but now I cant get past the first set of Rhinos, and from what I hear, they chase your fleet and the turrets don't shoot at them. Can we please address this problem? Not everyone has Monos and I'm not even certain they can do it. This should be rebalanced for a decent Zelos/Empyrean fleet.
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