FM / Update Discussion 11/1

  • ryan723
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    Dang it; tried to enter into the first 89 and had a flash crash; guess I will try again in 14 hours lol
    Lucky Luke wrote: »
    Our group has started to call them Zombie fleets....for obvious reasons.
    I will be following this thread with interest. Please carry on.
  • wheres our tokens
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    i got some thinking to do
    gonna have to choose,refit a bunch of ships or scrap a lot of base
    and yes C rock i will post the pic for ya
  • Cathedral_Rock
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    now with the fm change, iam out. the new 115 are really to hard, i coined a bit in the game..
    you're not going'll figure it out, like every other new thing that initiates this reaction in this game, and be back next week

    "Every time there is a change in the game it seems the general reply is a complaint about the changes before they ever happen.  However every time the game changes we use strategy and adapt to the changes and we get used to them. .....without these changes, the game would become boring." -captaindirty 10/31/2017
  • Moriarty33
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    Ok, no repair tokens, no Update notes and in the prize lists it looks like I have to buy things I already own. This is a joke before I even start the FM to see how much you changed the damage/targets. Is there a time when Kixeye actually does not try to lose customers? 

  • DogStar123
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    I also just watched a normal FM fleet get decimated by the Rhinos  (Zelos/Mono fleet).  At first glance it looks like IB's will have the best chance of having any success. That is just my non-expert opinion. Those Rhinos look like the ones from Encounter 8 of that TLC. IB's would probably eat them up. But I am staying on stand-by for awhile.
  • Flipper13
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    Do we have to buy a prize in the pool before we can claim the chest?
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