FM / Update Discussion 11/1

  • ryan723
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    Dang it; tried to enter into the first 89 and had a flash crash; guess I will try again in 14 hours lol
    Lucky Luke wrote: »
    Our group has started to call them Zombie fleets....for obvious reasons.
    I will be following this thread with interest. Please carry on.
  • wheres our tokens
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    i got some thinking to do
    gonna have to choose,refit a bunch of ships or scrap a lot of base
    and yes C rock i will post the pic for ya
  • Cathedral_Rock
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    now with the fm change, iam out. the new 115 are really to hard, i coined a bit in the game..
    you're not going'll figure it out, like every other new thing that initiates this reaction in this game, and be back next week

  • Moriarty33
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    Ok, no repair tokens, no Update notes and in the prize lists it looks like I have to buy things I already own. This is a joke before I even start the FM to see how much you changed the damage/targets. Is there a time when Kixeye actually does not try to lose customers? 

  • DogStar123
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    I also just watched a normal FM fleet get decimated by the Rhinos  (Zelos/Mono fleet).  At first glance it looks like IB's will have the best chance of having any success. That is just my non-expert opinion. Those Rhinos look like the ones from Encounter 8 of that TLC. IB's would probably eat them up. But I am staying on stand-by for awhile.
  • BaldBarber
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    Do we have to buy a prize in the pool before we can claim the chest?
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