Downtime & Release Notes - 2017.11.02

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The following Changes & Fixes have been applied on the Thursday 11/02 update.

New Shadow Ops: Operation: Fallen Angels

A new Shadow Ops campaign begins! Gather parts for the Siege Squadron, and drop deadly Ravagers behind enemy lines. See more details here.

Alliance Raid Updates

War Effort durations have been increased across the board, and new Raid Bases are on the map! In addition, brand new diamond tech for the following units are available as prizes:

  • Acolyte

  • Detonator

  • Apollo

See here for more details.

New Bases!

A number of brand new bases will be available on the map over the next week. This includes:

  • Standard, Elite, and Omega Herald bases

  • War Dog bases

  • Technical Bonus Token bases

For more details, see the November content calendar here.

General Changes & Fixes

General Changes

  • A large number of inactive low-level bases have been removed permanently from the world map. This will improve general performance and correct relocation errors.

Bug Fixes

  • Fire at will stance engagement range has been increased to the correct values
  • The armory will no longer shift position when destroyed

  • In some cases, players were unable to stop Go-Go Bar battles. This has been corrected

  • The Shadow Ops pop-up will now no longer display an incorrect number of parts

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