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Hi, I am the Korean VC user and I sent e-mail about mistranslated contents.

And here is the things.

Ship name
  •  Freyja Carrier

This is translated '프레이자 항공모함'

But there is no 'j' sound in Freyja.

So it should be the '프레이야 항공모함'

  •  Apocrypha Cruiesr

This is translated '아포칼리파 순양함'

I don't know about what this sound come from.... but it mabe the sum of 'Apocalypse' + 'Apocrypha'.

So it should be '아포크리파 순양함'

  •  Corinthian Cruiser

This is translated '코린트 순양함'

It is weird because all ships' names are not literally 'Translated'.

So it should be '코린티안 순양함'

  •  Scythe Destroyer

Translated '시스 구축함'

Same wrong prounce.

'사이스 구축함' or '사이더 구축함' is right.

Daily mission

Select your Fleet Bay and launch a fleet. Find and defeat “A” VEGA fleets of level “B” or higher.

Now : 함대 구역을 선택한 다음, 함대 하나를 출격하여 레벨 “B” 이상의 “A” 베가 함대 하나를 격파하세요.

Corrected : 함대 구역을 선택하여 함대를 출격 시키세요. 레벨 “B” 이상의 베가 함대 “A”개를 찾아 격파하세요.

No Unity

  • Credits & Credit

These are translated '크레딧' or '크레디트'

But those two are same, and two are mixed.

Two should be '크레딧' samely.

  • Capacitive Plates & the other Plates

Unlike the other Plates translated into '합판', Capacitive Plates is translated '용량성 패널'

So should be '용량성 합판'

  • Armored Hold & Armored Thruster

Unlike the other 'Armored' techs translated into '장갑', 'Armored Hold' is translated '강화 컨테이너'

Not translated and just using their sound

  • 'Build' Ship

In the game, team translated 'Build' into '빌드'

But this is not the right one.

It should be '건조'

  • Harmonic 'Siege'

Although 'Siege Driver' is translated into '시즈 드라이버(Same sound when you read it)'

But this is the 'Name' not like Harmonic 'Siege'.

It is translated into '고조파 시즈' but it should be '고조파 공성'

  • Phase Shift

It is translated into '페이즈 시프터' but it really shound weird.

This is not 'Phase Shifter'.

Put it aside about 'Shifter', this could be '위상 변이'

Just looks like mistake

  • Captain

In the alliance page, their is 'Captain' which shows the number of member who have the authorization to use Jav.

And this means maybe '함장' but it is translated '포함' which means 'Contain' or 'Contents(maybe?)' 

Should be '함장'

Yet now maybe these are what I and Korean forum users found.

@CM Chris

Can you check it for Korean Users?
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