Downtime & Release Notes - 2017.10.18

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The game is down for maintenance and the following Changes & Fixes have been applied in this Wednesday 10/18 update.

Operation: Resurrection!

The Zombie Horde has returned, but with Kane being dead we have no idea who is behind them. Despite this lack of leadership, the Zombies are undeniably becoming a serious threat in the Sector and it's up to us to stop them.

For more details, see the dedicated post HERE.

Zombie Invasion!

Payouts have been sent out to all recipients for the Zombie Invasion that ran last weekend.

Fire Tech Bases

Drop rates for Unique Unit Fire Tech have been increased in Ryu-Kai bases across the board.

General Changes & Fixes

Game Changes

  • Running out of deployable units will no longer result in a Defeat. Battles can now be completed using Missiles, Mercenaries, or Single-Use Units (for more details, see the dedicated post for Operation: Resurrection)

Bug Fixes

  • The text description for Weaver’s price in the Barracks was incorrectly listed as 56,250,000 Thorium. It has been corrected to 9,000,000

  • A small amount of users were experiencing an issue where there attack log would load indefinitely. This issue has been fixed.

  • Occasionally, Workshop Research and Equip timers would fluctuate. This has been corrected to show a consistent timer in all instances.

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