Finding Honor: A Guide To Earning and Keeping Honor in Warpath

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It's time to do a bit of a dive into the Honor system: how it works, how to find good targets, and how to keep the Honor you've earned.  We hope this insight helps everyone to better understand and enjoy the second (and final) Round of Warpath!


Unlike Infamy, Honor was designed from the ground up to encourage a fair fight.  While high-level players will always have some advantage (especially when it comes to Defense), we wanted to ensure Honor wasn't something high-level players got from merely endlessly stomping low-level players.  After all, that's not particularly honorable, is it?

For this reason, the Honor system takes into account 4 things when determining how much Honor you win from an Defender.
  • What was the level of the Defender?
    • The higher the Defender's level, the more Honor they are worth.
  • How much higher or lower was the Defender's level from your level?
    • Attacking players who are higher level than you will earn more Honor, but attacking players lower level than you earns less Honor.
  • How much higher or lower was the Defender's Honor from your Honor?
    • Attacking players who have more Honor than you will earn more Honor, but attacking players who have less Honor than you earns less Honor.
  • How many Stars did you get?
    • The more Stars you get, the more Honor you earn.
This knowledge should empower you to better search for the most valuable opponents in the game!


The best way to find valuable opponents to hit is to use the Warpath Leaderboard.  First, if you don't want to relocate, make sure your Leaderboard filter is set to "Sector" and not "Global."  This will ensure your list of prospective targets are all in your Sector.  Most players will still have a good number targets and it's certainly more convenient than Sector-hopping, but this will significantly reduce the viable targets presented to you. 

Then, set the Division filter to your Division or, for even more Honor, a higher Division.  For example, if you're in Gold Division, set the filter to Platinum.  This will give you a list of targets with more Honor than you, ensuring you maximize your Honor winnings.

It's true that if you are on the very, very top of the Leaderboard AND you're very high-level (46 or higher), it is going to be harder to find targets, but you're already on top of the pack.  That's awesome!  There are two things you can do if you're in this position to ensure you get a great payout.
  1. Defend your Honor!
  • You've probably got a lot of it and you should try to hold on to it!  See the Section below for more details on that.
  • Save your attacks for the last day of the event!
    • Since the Honor a Defender have directly affects the Honor you can win, saving your attacks for the last day of Warpath means you'll be hitting targets who have more Honor.
    If you aren't very high-level OR you're not in the top division, there are many opponents out there to hit!  Just remember to use the Warpath Leaderboard if you're having any difficulty finding good targets!


    While the obvious thing to say here is that "not losing" will let you keep your Honor, it's actually worth noting that the amount of Honor you lose is GREATLY reduced if you can keep your opponents from getting 3-Stars.  Keep in mind that anyone that attacks your base only gets one shot at it; if they screw up, they don't get another chance.  That means if your base defense keeps your opponents from getting 3-Stars, they can't try again to get more Honor from you.

    Just to drive the point home, let's look at an example.  Imagine your base is defeated four times: 3-Star, 1-Star, 2-Star, 2-Star.  You'll actually lose MORE Honor from the first two defeats (the 3-Star and the 1-Star) than the second two defeats (the two 2-Stars).

    Make sure you review your attack logs to see what people are using to get 3-Stars and try to counter those offensive strategies!  Any time you prevent your opponent from getting a 3-Star victory against you, you've saved yourself a lot of Honor!

    *** *** ***

    We hope this helps everyone enjoy smashing the ever-loving crap out of each other in Round 2 of Warpath!

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