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Please help - all defence turrets have stopped working!!

Col Caspian
Col Caspian
Joined Sep 2017 Posts: 1

For the last two days my defence turrets haven't been firing. To be clear, defence troops, including infantry, armour and helicopters are deploying. It's the only reason one of the attacks against my FOB failed. As for the rest, it's been defeat after defeat, and all I can do is watch the replaysand and weep. Attackers reach my perimeter - turrets glow but don't react; they breach my walls - turrets glow but don't react; they get right up to the turrets and open fire - turrets glow but don't react and are destroyed in seconds.
This is more than annoying. Metal I'm trying to save for the Base 7 upgrade - gone; pvp points - gone. I've spent real money on gold to get to Col 2 - now all I can do is watch that investment disappear,
What's going on? Can anyone please help??
Col Caspian

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