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All of this is done through Go-Go Bar testing. This is for those who want to see how it goes and doesn't have time for Shadow Ops right now.

3.0 on every level.

Rank: Potassium.

Lvl 1 HP is 5,250,000. Each level adds 250,000 more, up to 10,000,000 in lvl 20 for the regular version. 10,250,000 for lvl 21 Elite.

Rank: Bad at low levels. But maybe good at later levels.

550 on every level.

Rank: Good.

Blackout itself: AoE, 2 seconds reload time, 5,000 damage per shot in lvl 1, 4 clip size, 20 fire rate and splash radius is identical to Vindicator's but slightly bigger. DPS increases by 1,000 per level, up to 24,000 in lvl 20 for the regular version. 30,000 for lvl 21 Elite. Each shot is instantaneous (like an extremely fast projectile) and powers down affected turrets which reduces fire rate.

Blackout Drones: Damage type is probably Burst. They fire slow flying rockets that deal around 80,000-85,000 damage per shot (lvl 1) to buildings. They are decent against vehicles but **** against infantry and probably air. Splash radius is kinda identical to Furys. Dunno if upgrading the Blackout increases the drones' damage.
It'll be disappointing if they still struggle at lvl 20, let's hope it doesn't.

Rank: At lvl 1, it's pretty **** overall when it comes to units, but decent against buildings.

OVERALL: Meh, at lvl 1 at least.
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