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It’s possible that Pugh could go to mmogo Europe

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It’s possible that Pugh could go to Europe, not be signed by the USWNT, but still get called up to the national team and paid on a per-appearance basis. She could still potentially make more money doing that than she would playing in NWSL.

The USWNT wouldn’t be thrilled with that. They’d probably like to have their best young player under contract with them, under their control, and will be annoyed if NWSL is unable to find a way to nba live 18 coins get Pugh in the league.

What kind of precedent does this set? Isn’t it bad for NWSL if good players only want to play for a tiny handful of teams?Maybe, but this is a problem that affects basically every sports league ever. Eventually, good players will figure out how to play together in the most desirable environments, leaving teams with bad owners or ones in bad markets to pick up the pieces in rebuild.

 Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images If the other NWSL teams don’t like that Portland and the Orlando Pride get to sign more top players than everyone else, they should work on building clubs that players actually want to sign for, or sell their teams.

No one is entitled to own a team in an entirely fair league with a pletely even talent distribution process. Labor will always make self-benefiting decisions and it’s up to teams to provide labor with a good value proposition.

 Right now, the Spirit and a handful of other NWSL teams don’t offer Pugh much of a value proposition at all.
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