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Announcement WC: rague assault servers always hacked

abraham almahasneh84
abraham almahasneh84
Joined Mar 2017 Posts: 8

If you want to be sure ,go to the game hackers can do any thing ,adjust DPS ,helth ,max any base in 5 minutes , unlimited oil , there is allot of them ,fair players cant do anything ,they are surrounding fair players to kick them out ,attacking them any time ,if they have metal . i want to ask game manager ,if they can hack your data base why we are playing the game ,if you want to make a fair game ,you must keep monitoring your data base ,all the time ,what thus players was doing ,how much oil they have lost ,how much gold they have ,how much money payed by visa or master card ,so we can play the game

Like this we will say kixeye have some employee in the game to attack and kick fair players ,because nothing is happening for them ( hackers ), i cant report about 200 hackers in the game you must stop them ,or pleas tell us the game is completly hacked ,so we stop playing the game .

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