How many Plats do you use on a DAILY Basis? ALL FEEDBACK WELCOMED..

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    i use whatever i need to that gets the job done. I'm always changing plats around, taking them in and out of the armory so i can't give a true answer, each situation is different
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    We play farm commander than wait a month to do event. 1 plat by day is more than enough. 
    Thats your choice if you want to play farmer isnt it.
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    Where's the 10+ option?

    2 platoons for Raid, 3-5 platoons for PvP(few units go in and out of these platoons, usually out during event)

    I cannot give you a number on Standard platoons(anywhere between 8 and 12). I have platoons made specifically for token bases

    I'm sure others use, or would like to use, upto 20 different platoons - this used to be possible until a year ago. That doesn't mean they destroy 20 platoons on a daily basis. Au contraire, the reason for making different combos is 'strategic' rather than to spam toons.

    Currently, we're able to create only 13 platoons. Anyone who deems this to be sufficient does not play the game. @WrongThinker, who does not play the game, deems this to be sufficient. Let me reiterate that I have no bone to pick with his not playing the way we do.

    Besides, this is not the only, or the pre-eminent, reason people have been clamouring for extra storage. I've scrapped every unit I don't habitually use and I'm out of space for War Dogs and Cyclops. With the constant addition of new units without proportionate increase of storage, most of us have reached the point of saturation. Unless you stop adding units, you're forcing us to stash or scrap units which still retain purpose and utility.

    Don't make it too complicated. Don't add more levels. Just give us 1k storage increase per level from 21 to 30.
    I'm Curious, YOU SAID : Currently, we're able to create only 13 platoons. IS that FULL PLATOON OF 3000 ground units? I know I've got more than that but they are NOT FULL Platoons. AND I dont actually use all of them. I use a fraction of them depending on what I am doing. 

    Mostly the maxium I use is 6 as thats how many one PVE base can take, However, on a daily its more like 2 toons or one. HMMMM war dogs? cyclops.... hmmmmm I know this is a old post, if you are still here, I dont mind some clarification. I know PEOPLE SET UP THEIR platoons differently, and I am not disclosing how I set mine up. Even left a few toons to SAVE space for when the day comes they take their TOON SLOT  just like DS has. 
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    you are replying to a 3 year old post ... just saying
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