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Massive Common Card Shortage

Nate McIntosh
Nate McIntosh
Joined Aug 2017 Posts: 1

Greetings Kixeye team - while I am a huge fan of the latest patch (has brought me back to the game after many months of inactivity), I have hit a wall in terms of understanding the most efficient way to gain common cards in this meta.

For example, upgrading Merkava from 6 to 7 requires 1000 heavy unit common cards. Level 7 tank strongholds are yielding ~3 common cards per 5 min attack at my level. While it makes sense to slow the progression of lower players maxing out highest lvl units, this seems like an unintentional miss in terms of time invested relative to the in game rewards. At that rate, it doesn't make sense to have a player invest ~28 hours grinding just for these cards...

I would recommend either substantially lowering the amount of cards required, boosting the distribution of the cards through existing options, or creating a new way to procure them in bulk outside of limited time events.

Would appreciate your feedback here, thanks.

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