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New feature - Special Ops

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Today, we are introducing a new feature called Special Ops. Special Ops are time-limited mini-events that allow players to earn SpecOps Credits and acquire Equipment upgrades & Equipment Blueprints by engaging in Missions.

When a Special Ops goes live, you can click on the pill in your HUD to open the Special Ops window to see more information.

You’ll notice that Special Ops are available for a certain duration as noted in “Available For”.

Once you start the Special Op in the Mission tab, you will see a list of Missions. Complete missions to earn SpecOps Credits. Use your SpecOps Credits to purchase prizes.

Once you begin, you will have a limited time to complete as many Missions as possible. Once the Op timer has expired, you will no longer be able to participate in any Missions, although you may redeem prizes until the “Available For” timer expires.

All unspent SpecOps Credits are lost once the ‘AVAILABLE FOR’ timer expires.

Like Monthly Events, there are different level Special Ops Missions available depending on your own player level.

Unlike Monthly Events, you may opt to reset your Op timer. Doing so removes all previously earned SpecOps Credits but also resets the Missions timer completely. This allows players to restart the Missions during the Special Ops window. This is very useful if you find you cannot participate within the limited time frame of the Missions. You can leave, restart, and try again at a time that is more convenient to you within the duration of the Spec Op availability!

HOWEVER, IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You cannot reset your Special Op if you have redeemed any prize from the prize list.

Earn as many SpecOps Credits as you can during the time allotted and redeem Equipment prizes. These prizes will enhance existing tech.

The prizes available may rotate from Special Op to Special Ops, so be sure to pick up these prizes while they last!

Good luck, Commander!

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