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2.18.1 Patch Notes

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  • New Command Center level added! CC9 + building upgrades!

    • Use Thorium to upgrade your Command Center and other buildings to improve your base defense

  • Thorium Mines on the World Map

    • To help with the collection of Thorium needed for CC9 upgrades, we are introducing a new Thorium rich deposit

      • There is a new Deep Thorium Mine in La Mancha that pays out a substantial amount of Thorium. This Deep Thorium Mine has a much higher Thorium mining rate than other Thorium mines on the World Map. This Deep Thorium Mine will change Zone Areas after a period of time.

      • The Deep Thorium Mine will have a payout of 10X relative to the other Thorium mines on the map and will initially be located in La Mancha

    • In addition, we have increased the Thorium mining rate of normal Thorium Mines in La Mancha, Normandy, and Nador

    • Thorium can no longer be stolen via PvP Quickmatch. It can still be stolen via PvP on world map.

    • Thorium will now be given out in free crates.

  • Special Ops

    • Special Ops are time-limited mini-events that allow players to earn SpecOps Credits and acquire Equipment upgrades & Equipment Blueprints by engaging in Missions

    • New Equipment quality blueprints (Mk I, Mk II, etc) increase and modify existing Equipment

  • Support for New Daily Raid maps, due later this month.

  • Matchmaking improvements

    • Reduced edge cases where players were mismatched with other players that were outside their level

    • Included a damage protection while attacking to avoid cases where players could be attacked by multiple attackers at once

    • Bounded player search means fewer repeat target

  • Game balance updates

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