Plz do something about bullying players

  • ExileTheKing
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    -says no bulli
    -gets flagged twice

    butthurt is real. look its a war game. use your losses as a stepping stone in your learning, and don't **** in forums. youll paint a target on yourself cause,,, we like tear hunting. now get farming, us bigger players need res and were too lazy to farm ourselves.
  • Spask Crondusk
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    @ExileTheKing said:
    -says no bulli
    -gets flagged twice

    butthurt is real. look its a war game. use your losses as a stepping stone in your learning, and don't **** in forums. youll paint a target on yourself cause,,, we like tear hunting. now get farming, us bigger players need res and were too lazy to farm ourselves.

    Big whale, play nice with the little fishes otherwise they won't be around when you get res from them since they have no res to farm, it's scarcity in Vega so work together to solve your problems before the small fishes disappear and what's left is the big whales roam in sector.

    Again play nice @ExileTheKing

  • Americanguy
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    xcvxvx said:
    RaniRahn said:
    I think allmost everyone get bullied when they first started. There was always something you could do in old times but now i dont know. Insta rep fleets are good against bullies. They get tired of killing unlimited insta fleets and also dont talk to bullies that feeds them.
    Stay off of chat!
    Stray off of social media
    if you do speak in a language most won't understand
    communicate in code
    One new factor will be the "social communications"
    If those are private then that will be a positive change.

    Yea talk Kixeye language !! no-body understands that !!!! (or is it just the language of money)
  • deletedacct
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    Yeah, I made an alliance specifically to combat this, I know it can’t do much but we intervene when we see this - it’s only about 32 members at the time of writing though, so likely not much will happen for a while.

  • River Devil
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    Every time I see a player saying bully this or bully that I remember the days when I started playing and getting hit all the time getting mad. A wise player told me if you can't stand it quit or learn from it. I decided to learn from it build better base build better ships instead of whining about it study the game study the aspects of the game and go build pretty simple. THE GAME IS CALLED VEGA CONFLICT NOT VEGA HUGS  

    The River Devil
  • sf_smith77
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    All of the players saying just get better = coiners. I dont have hundreds of dollars to spend on this game each year, I throw about $50/yr at it. Does this allow me to defend myself when being attacked unprovoked by ICU, OSP or SR71? NOPE! Even when I try, my fleets are decimated and they go back with an hour of damage compared to my two days of damage. Of course there goes my campaign efforts to get new tech to defend myself, which is already out-dated when I try to get it in the next event. See a pattern here?

    This game is neither just a war or farming game, it is both. It is a Real-Time-Strategy game with nice ship controls during combat, far better than the task management "strategy" game like the Star Trek apps try to be. I'm here because there is no other space-based RTS with good combat control. Does that mean I want to PvP? No, it does not.

    I'm a farmer and have very little interest in PvP. Beside go play another game (which is ignorant and dismissive response), what do you say to a player that has no interest in PvP? Also, if you say jump away, I would agree with that two years ago but now there are only 3 areas to jump to, which makes players very easy to find.

    I'm here to play a good space RTS the way I want to play it, not the way anyone else does. Those who force others to play it how they want are fascists, the world works in many more ways than your one-dimensional view.

    Kix - You are profiting off of hatred, bullying, trolling and abusive behavior. As stated above, many other RTS games allow you not to engage with PvP. Kix not putting that in there makes them the exception. Platforms that encourage and profit off of toxic hate-spreading behavior will be reported to the BBB, FEC, SPLC and all other hate tracking organization.

    Profiting from hate is no better than Fox News.
  • Andrew Foster
    Andrew Foster
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    There has been bullying in this game since I started over 4 years ago, way worse now with fleet lvls of greatly superior Elite fleets the same as a fleet of MK2 of the same ship. No flying required, point and attack as you know it will win. They need to fix this to stop the bullying, but they never have. Been that way since lvl 35 and up could get hit by anything higher. Keeps the coiners happy that they will occasionally win despite their lack of flying skills. Especially big with the Chinese teams as they got cheap tech and ships on that server before it shut down(deals for way less coin but more tech than the rest of the players were offered). Kix will never fix the fleet lvls though, how they make their money so the bullying will always be present. You can build all you want but unless you plan on spending cash to get all elite ships you will be bullied and won’t be able to do anything about it except watch your fleets blow up and hit repair. In short, pay $ to compete, quit, or hit repair and come back later.

  • Mustang Rebel
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    A lot of people come out with the tired build a better fleet line.  Sadly what would have taken 3-6 months when I started playing would take a year or heavy coins now.   Having to go from a Fury to a Dread was only 1 heavy event grind away making you at least competitive in a fight.  Now with the massively escalating new ship factions and the mark system becoming competitive is a long drawn out process.  The mark system makes it first a non coiners Dread was just as good as a coiners it just mattered who flew better.  Now with coiners getting mk5 the day a new ship comes out makes it hard.  One other aspect to consider is that making the game environment excessively hostile to new players means there will be fewer or no new players to replace those leaving the game.  If you have not noticed the player base has shrunk a lot (way over 50% is my bet) from when I first started playing.
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