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Hey Everyone, Im so happy to be making all the content for The Forgotten faction of VEGA Conflict, even if it is A fan made faction that may never be added to the game,

I'd like you to know Im going on a business Trip soon and I'll be away for a week, I've been collaborating with FussplizDamnation who has been a huge help to my Forgotten Content.

All the ship hulls have names, including Weapons, specials, and Unique Faction ideas that pertain specifically to the Faction.
I'm looking to find art For the Characters of the Forgotten however. as it's the last step to make this a really interesting faction.

Anyway. Ill be back First thing with the publications for Shadow Uprising, Including all Info on the event, and prizes in the store.
Ill also be publishing Event info for Insurreciton, where the Eclipse Cruiser, the second Forgotten Hull is Introduced.

Shadow Uprising by Amoderateuser
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