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CC9 Upgrade + World Map Improvements

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We’re excited to announce that the coming 2.18.1 release will include an upgrade to Commander Center 9. This will allow you to upgrade a number of buildings in your current base to match the new power level as well as increase the total number of structures that you can place.

Thorium is going to become more important at the top CC levels. The costs for the CC9 upgrades will be split between Metal and Thorium and the costs for CC6-CC8 content have been adjusted to require additional Thorium. In order to account for the added Thorium costs, Metal costs for these buildings have been lowered. Due to the fact that Thorium was not required for CC6-CC8 buildings before this update, there will be a one time Thorium allotment given to players at the appropriate level ranges to get players caught up.

Look out for the new Deep Thorium Mine in La Mancha, which has a mining rate 10x higher than the other Thorium mines. Keep reading for more info on Thorium additions to the world map and CC9 Upgrade.

Below is the list of Upgrades and new Buildings that will come with CC9. Let’s take a look!


New building levels

Command Center          


Tower Platform


MG Turret


Howitzer Turret


Railgun Turret


Flak Turret


Salvo Turret




Heli Pad


Metal Factory


Metal Storage


Oil Pump


Oil Storage


Thorium Storage



6 & 7

Additional CC9 Updates

  • Increased the max platoon level to 9

  • Increased Heli Pad Defender Capacity to level 6

  • Increased the max placeable number of barriers, turrets and producer buildings

Deep Thorium Mine

  • At the highest player levels, we are introducing a new Thorium-rich mine to help with the cost of the CC9 Upgrade. This new Deep Thorium Mine appears in La Mancha and pays out a substantial amount of Thorium compared to anything else in the game (10x relative to the other Thorium mines on the map).

  • There are two ways to identify the new Deep Thorium Mine. First, you will notice this Deep Thorium Mine has a much higher Thorium mining rate than other Thorium mines on the World Map. Second, it is the largest sized Thorium mine in La Mancha and the other high level zones.  

  • It is important to note that this particular Deep Thorium Mine will change Zone Areas after a period of time. All other basic Thorium mines will stay in their set Zone Areas.

Basic Thorium Mines

Thorium mines in La Mancha, Normandy, and Nador now have an increased Thorium mining rate.

Miscellaneous Thorium changes

  • In an effort to ensure that Thorium harvesting is focused around the world map, we have removed Thorium stealing via PvP Battle (Quickmatch). Thorium can still be stolen via PvP on world map.

  • Thorium will now be given out in free crates in small amounts.

  • We will release a Thorium Producer for your base in the coming weeks to make it easier to harvest this resource..


These changes are due some time next week and, as always, we look forward to your feedback.

At ease, Commanders!

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