Is there any way to defend your base offline?

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I have been trying several different base designs and toon set ups trying to find a way to at least give them some damage after attacking my base when not online. i have not been very successful in this attempt. have tried hades and phalanx mix both on defend and attack. i have mixed other unit in there like acolytes as they eat the jug up pretty good but i just can't find the right formula. any suggestions or is it just now impossible to defend a base? Is i9t better just to leave it empty and not even try? Im a level 47 with all my turrets maxed and nothing seems to phase attackers when I'm offline
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    hades for air, phalanx for land and war dogs for troops, but really unless on line to control troops, there just sitting duck. any base can be destroyed, best you can hope for in giving them alot of damage

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    I don't defend base with toons. Base only takes 60 mins to repair but toons take a long time and cost. If I need res I wait until base is protected and then gather what I need to spend on upgrades. Filled bunkers and turrets with libs and they at least damage the attacks.
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    Just leave it, don't defend, it is 1 hour repair so when you get on you can pop and go about your business like you want not hit. Crazy putting def in bases when you go offline now.
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    you might aswell take toons out of base offline cause of stupid herald
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    Well..placing plats around your base will greatly reduce the odds of you getting whacked. Providing you arent a target or a low lv with high infamy the infamy  whores that port in and out looking for quick and easy will normally just drive right past you., I dont like the 0 defender approach if im in home sector. Your not doing anyone in your sector any favors if you are not taxing those attacking units a bit. Oh, its off topic but please stop posting cords of **** your begging for while sector under fire.
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    Endor said:
    For example, last night I got hit offline for 100% flat.  The attacker lost his growler, ardra, omega juggernaut, and omega hydra, and finished with titan/sandstorm/herald, which also probably took a chunk of damage. I got 11 hours of damage, but caused at least 38 hours of damage to the attacker (or at least 19 hours if PvP platoon).  

    If I didn't have defenders, he would have been able to walk through my base with the juggernaut & ardra with instant repair.  So either he's out of commission doing base attacks for a day, or he's got a huge coin repair bill.  Either way, it doesn't really affect my base.  I can pop anytime I want, either with no defenders, or half repaired, or fully repaired, doesn't affect how I play the game.
    what did you use in you defend plz tell me
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    UPDATE. Technicals will take out Herald quick and Phalanx and ground Technicals do decent against ground. Also Draks in towers and bunkers work ok. There is a better combo and Im sure some one will remind me what it is. Also for event defense  as a distraction people use howlers. techs  or some times modified detonators. They cant move and shoot  but they are by far the fastest ground in the game at 7.5..
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    a few basic ways and theses can be old school as well 1 set up your mines on spawn points this will not work with all units but it can be effective  2 setup bunkers  close to the  spawn points as well  with good units  inside so they will do alot of damage to the units spawning in note this can back fire so plan right  3 place units in your base good units change all the time so do your homework and find what works for your base 4  try to lay traps as well by laying a tempting target that your foe will go for and when they do what ever you used to lay the trap will ether heavly do damage to their unit or out right kill them . note alot of these need some home work on your end but they do work even when you dc in the middle of a online fight  your foe will say online but you both will know the truth 
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    oh good
  • pearlspears
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    oh very good
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    My best suggestion for defending the base offline is to take advantage of the scare tactic and scare away a majority of the potential hitters. Furthermore, you should use units which are designed to eliminate some of the most common PvP tactics like stopping Herald spammers and maybe even giving Juggernaut users a hard time.

    Here are a list of units that I have seen commonly in base defence. However, I will not say how these units are used.
    • Drakon
    • Liberator
    • Technical
    • Phalanx
    • Hades
    • Spartan ZK
    • Seeker
    • Tempest
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     <|=  0200 1211 0310 1303 0321 1301 1311 1221 1312 0312 1201  =|> 
     <|=  1230 1221 1211 0230 0320 0301 1232 1203 1211 0200 1221  =|> 
     <|=  1232 0200 1201 0302 0200 1210 0320 1221 1203 0232 1310  =|> 
     <|=  0232 1221 1233 1232 1201 1302 1321 0232 0232 0332 1331  =|> 
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    It is virtually impossible to defend base while your offline.  base will repair itself, but I leave 7 hades on stand ground, 9 phalanx on attack, 10 drakons in tower and stronghold at least attacker will receive some damage, I don't care about base platoon losses, regardless of damage, no free hits on my base

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    I put 5 hades customized with training and ads ammo and 7 phalanx. 
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    I just load the base with technicals. If I want people to drop their herald, I hide all technicals under CC. If I want them to know what I got, I scatter them to defend against phalanx spammers. If someone wants you bubbled, you will go bubbled offline no matter how strong your base is. The thing is, cause your enemy more repairs than you take yourself. If I see someone gets a 3 star on me and takes less damage than my base toon, then I do some adjusting. However if I see every unit in the game plus the kitchen sink, and the neighbor's kitchen sink thrown in my base to bubble me, and they get a 2 star, hey kudos to that player. They got a bubble on me but I now know my base is a beast. :)  



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