TLC's: Time Limited Campaigns

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    Why is recommenced hull now a mandatory hull for the new TLCs for lvl 50 up?  Being new to the game and not having the awesome conquer hulls to compete with and seeing them in the TLCs to only be told I can't complete them based on the fact I don't have conquer hulls to finish part 4! It's like a tease tease to me now.  Ugg rant over now
    It's opened at level 50 because in the past the small percentage of players who were around level 50 and got spoonfed the tech in many cases could do the tlc  and they constantly bitched and complained for mix to lower the level restriction on it. So eventually kix did.
    Yeah and i think thats garbage. Thats fine theres level 50s with top tier stuff to do these because they have groups willing to hand them everything. But honestly TLCs shouldn't be next to impossible if your just looking to even get pp2 just to get some **** tokens for your buildings or ships. The base in pp2 mission 4 is so hard if you dont have libs theres almost no point. Prides maybe but my prides are incomplete i dont have ruins on them which i desperately need. But i couldn't get ruins because i had to grind out what little i got from the raid phoenixs were introduced on my own. With a little coin i got 53 million points after just getting back into the game after leaving sometime around 2013.  Like all i wanted was tokens and i will fully acknowledge that my Retributions, Prides and Malices are garbage because i lack the tech after having been gone so long. But theres no conceivable way for me to do pp2 mission 4 even if i had unlimited coins i couldn't do that mission in the time frame, and I'm not asking to be handed stuff, but it feel like if my ships at least didn't melt and i maybe had a fair shot at getting oppressors i would mind maybe coining a little to push through and get them but i can tell right away thats not even remotely possible with TLC endgame. I might be able to do TLC plunder since i have HTide but i dont know. Because i sent a regular tide in and that basically just melted.
    Dont need pride. Dont need libs. Just need to know how to build ships and drive them and you can do the tlc. Malices can easily survive long enough to reach the end of the channel and clear the maxims and then it becomes easy.

    Can you test if they still work now? Also do you mind giving me your build for yours? 

    Builds shown in the vid. I can test in about an hour. Armor for the tlc should be war playing not what I have however. I built them for hitting bases before this tlc came out.

    Actually your build for your malices isn't shown in your video. Just the assault fleet, but i already have a kick **** assault fleet. I have skyfire carriers a full set

    For the malice i used nuc accel with a reaver chain 1 for low weight (was built last year). Speed 5, agility 3. The antimort one had flcm.

    For armor war plating is very helpful.

    The build is not as important especially because as I said earlier THESE WERE NOT BUILT FOR TLC.
    You need good speed, turret defense and some stun resist. Obviously if you built hours to be offensive then the rest of the specials should match that. War plating would be the best armor.

    Thanks. I'm trying to improve. I have some of the tech you listed. But i need most of it. I dont have most of it because i just came back to the game in April after having been gone since around 2013. It's difficult since i'm basically on my own. The best i got when i came back was a fleet of mastodans given to me by kix. 
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    another nonsense thing , everytime you continue doing a camp , you need to do pp1 and pp2 to get to mastery prize , its so so so boring to do all over 4 or 5 leveles each pp to get to mastery , i wont even bother doing them , even if i have the fleets to do them , its so so so boring repeat levels for some tokens each time you want to do a tlc ,  why dont you first let me get the hull and then decide if i want a 1 day structure token x 2  or vpx token for other prizes , need to do all for some tokens to get the hull , no , no , no lol , regards DC 

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    Blehhhhhh just play the game we will all be happier that way  :D:D:D TLC would be a bit better if you could cut damgae back just a little??
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    xwolf1 said:
       from skyfire tlc level 1 lol just started and almost 3 hrs in repairs lol , dont say to me later kixeye offered the skyfires lol please reduce the  insane damage of the tlcs 

    Learn to drive. I took a week long break from the game and didnt even open it until tonight. I dont like how my phoenix are coming along but like teh skyfire better and semi rushing through this campaign. 

    Took not even 1 full coin of damage until i crashed and my monos autoed part of the target. 

    Git gud.
    You need 2 ice breakers for the first few rounds last one you need your fleet showing here
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    Well I think this is useless to new comers, they don't have the fleets to even try and do campaign's, and the way things are going they never will, way to much damage, to long of repair times, build times, way out of range, the whole make up of this game anymore is out of control. And like a few others stated the game is no longer fun. All kix is after is coiners . And we all are aware of this. They don't care about the player's. 
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    I'm ok doing the 115's and touch it like a dime

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    hmm great
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    @lefteye said:
    u  all  making  these  limited  camps too   hard to  players that   don't have   top tier prizes

    Even with top tier boats it's hard to with spending lots of money

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    After a few tries this week, and all the previous TLC's.  One word for kix.  NO.  keep it.  all.  There is absolutely no reason to have that damage set so high on the first incursions to the set.  You can set that damage however you want.  But its my choice to play it,  I choose not to.  So no revenue for kix at all from me.  High damage in the last targets of a set are expected. but not the first.  
    Yeah well i thimk we are supposed to coin the repair time or won't win anything anymore in tlcs....
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    Hello every body does any body have any idea about the Shadow and Flame campaign? 
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    When I am not helping people on forums, and I'm not banned, I run a YouTube channel.  I focus on actually helping players in the game. I respond to every comment on there, so it is the best way to find me. If you want more info click the link below.
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    Hello there!
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    hi do old tlc's that i missed will they come back?
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    Coming soon:) 
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    Is it possible to co-op the campaigns/tlc's? I asked in in game chat and there was told it could, but when I try to participate on a buddy on his "introduction to SIege" campaign, it won't let me participate. 
    :D I really want a PINK ship!!! :D
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    I understand how the TLCs work. And don't really have any complaints about the damage output either, although some do give me a hard time. But what bothers me is that your development team continues to perform system updates in the midst of the TLC. The update to the game during the Assassin TLC cost me the ability to complete the campaign. Why perform an update in the last few hours of the TLC and make combat unavailable. If time is money, and the ability to pay to complete builds and repairs makes it so, then it stands to reason you cost me money by removing combat capability in the middle of the TLC. The same can be said for server lag and fleets crashing. If someone pays your company for gold to initiate repairs during the TLC, and the high volume of players cause fleets to lag and the game to crash, then it stands to reason those players should be reimbursed for their expenditure.
    Did it last night during my operation of the Perilous Blade TLC. So unless you're willing to reduce the TLC time availabilty, you need to wait to perform combat updates to the game until that limited time frame is no longer limited.
    -Thrain the Fat Seal
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