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Infamy leaderboards are now segmented into Ranks, segmented by divisions. Each division is further segmented into tiers within that division. Each tier grants bonus rewards that you receive after each successful Quick Match attack.

Leaderboard Reset

Leaderboards for Global PvP will be reset for Elite players on a regular basis. The current count down timer can be seen on the Infamy Page. Alliance leaderboards will not be reset with this timer. Currently, players under 5800 Infamy will retain their current score and become “Unranked”. Players over 5800 Infamy will have their scores reduced to 5800 and become Unranked. This threshold number and the Season length will potentially change from Season to Season as we work towards the best experience for players.

Participate in a Quick Match attack to become ranked! Win Quick Match attacks to rank up and increase your placement on the leaderboards!

We are working on ways to keep things fair and competitive and that we will be making adjustments in the next few days and weeks

Divisions and Tiers

Infamy leaderboards are now segmented into Divisions and Tiers; each tier detailing bonus rewards you receive after each successful Quick Match attack. Players can rank up in PvP Leaderboard Division Tiers and earn bonus metal upon completion of a Quick Match attack.


When the new season begins, all players will need to complete a PvP match before they are ranked.

Each Division is segmented by Tiers. When promoted or demoted to a new Division, you will see a popup announcing the change. When changing Tiers within a Division, you will see a popup during the victory screen.

Bonus rewards based on your rank are shown in the Victory screen.

Players will display their current division/tier badge next to their profile, signifying their placement on the Leaderboards.

Alliance Leaderboards

Alliance Infamy Leaderboard is slightly different than Global / Personal Leaderboards. You can gain Alliance infamy but cannot lose it, whereas personal infamy can go up or down based on winning or losing. Alliance Leaderboards do not reset at the end of each season.

Good luck, Commanders!

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