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Metal losses from attacks!!! Sucks!!!

Fugi Yang
Fugi Yang
Joined Jul 2017 Posts: 1

Is it just me? Because I find that by losing an attack you lose tons of your metal! It takes days, if not, at least a week to save enough to upgrade a building. That is so stupid! What would make more sense is if your base lose an attack, the only metal you lose are the metal that hasn't been collected in your metal factory and NOT from the "bank!" It needs to change! It may or may not make a difference but I am about to call it quits on this game!

BTW, I have a life and I don't spend 8 hours a day attacking other bases, playing the campaign, etc for more metal! I only log in once a day to collect the metal. That feels like a waste of time now!!! Anyone else agree?

  • xWheathleyx
    Potential Threat
    Joined Feb 2016 Posts: 42
    Well would would be the point of attacks if you didn't lose anything besides medals? The whole point of that is to actually give value to a base design
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