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Day 4 Reconnaissance.

Hour 4 of Tracking - Scout Frigates Being Tracked Were Called Back to Forgotten base Alpha.

Hour 5 New Unidentified Ships were Rumored to Heading Towards Wormholes. Killing intervening Forces, Mass Fleets of Cargo Freighters moving towards decimated VSEC, Rebel, VEGA, Even A few Hives and Dead Swarms Floating in the Void.

Hour 7: Alien Harvester Appears Through unstable wormhole, Blocks path for Unidentified Vessels.
Vessels Begin Grouping. observation Results that 2 fleets of These Unidentified

Hour 9: Reconn Drone Gets close Enough To Photograph Ship.
Vessels Identified As Frigate Classification.

Hour 10: footage is corrupted

Unknown Frigate [CORRUPTED FILE]

Wyvern Frigate by Amoderateuser

Mass: Unknown
Speed: Unknown
DPS: Unknown
Sector Speed: Unknown
Faction: Forgotten

NOTE: Observed To be using A Cloaking Device, why VEGA has never got past it's Ego to Use stealth technology Is beyond me.

Intelligence Officer Davis Personal Comments:

What the Hell is this? Why Are a bunch of weaklings and Unexperienced Rebel Commanders Possessing ships and Technology we haven ever even Seen? Could there have been More at work with Larus?
Could the Forgotten have received outside help?

or is something more sinister at work here?
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    Nice work. Frigates!

    VEGA security: active.
  • captain fat weeding ton
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    That will be the new axis one as we haven't had a xeno one

  • HarpoonoZenith
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    actually We could have the Forgotten season a Forgotten VS AXIS conflict during the season.
    Dage and the Forgotten Leader nafage have a personal grudge, and go way back.
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