not even sure how to name this topic let's just call it more KE bullhockey

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Let me start with I have played this game for just over 5 years, I never ever thought your brilliant idea to change the lvl 4 up 4 down base hits  was a good idea with that said my base was just held by a lvl 11 for almost a hour until his  buddy could come hit me, I presume a lvl 44 hacker since once he hit me could not get in base even after refreshing. I have put up with a lot in this game over the years but as you know with my tickets enough is enough! I spent way too much over the years to just be ignored as most players are you treat us like **** your paying customers deserve better and all legit players deserve to be treated with some sort of fair play. So after 5 years I think this is my first post but many many many tickets. TOTALLY FED UP WITH ALL THE HACKERS AND BAIT AND SWITCH OR AS YOU CALL IT SMOKE AND MIRRORS !!!!!!!
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