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Attention Commander! PVP Season 4 is currently underway. Hit enemy Commanders to earn Infamy and work your way up to Gold League: Division 1 to earn massive Medal payouts each week! Infamous Commanders will be able to acquire Roland, Oren and Ardra from the Gear Store for their conquests in Season 4, so don’t miss out!

Season 4 Dates

  • Season 4 Starts on 07/03/17
    • After the Season 3 Infamy reset maintenance.
  • Season 4 Ends on 10/02/17 @ 6 PM PT

Season 4 Rewards

  • Season 4 Rewards, including Roland, Oren and Ardra, are now located in the Gear Store.
    • There are No Rewards issued at the end PvP Season 4. All Seasonal Rewards will be located in the Gear Store for Medal Purchases.

  • Roland
    • Faction: Survivors
    • Survivor Buff:
      • Increases the Reload Speed for all Hammer Tanks within a certain radius of Roland.
    • Description: Roland drives a Hammer Tank customized to fire two volleys before reloading. He also boosts the Reload Times of other Hammer Tanks near him.

  • Oren
    • Faction: Corpus
    • Corpus Buff:
      • Increases the Damage for all Apollos within a certain radius of Oren.
    • Description: Oren pilots an Apollo which fires slightly slower than other Apollos, but deals significantly increased Damage. He also boosts the damage of other Apollos near him.

  • Ardra
    • Faction: Sentinels
    • Sentinel Buff:
      • Increases the Movement Speed and Acceleration for all Purifier Tanks within a certain radius of Ardra.
    • Description: Ardra drives a Purifier with a superior engine. She also boosts the Movement Speed and Acceleration of Purifiers near her.

PvP Seasons

  • PvP Seasons
    • PvP Seasons will last 3 months.
    • At the end of a PvP Season all player’s Infamy will be reset to 0.

  • There are 3 PvP Divisions: Gold Division, Silver Division, Bronze Division
    • Divisional Ranking is based off players’ Global Leaderboard Rankings
      • To be placed in a Division, a player must have 5 Infamy-awarding battles weekly.
      • Each Division Ranking awards Medal Payouts Weekly.
      • Medal payouts are based off your Infamy Rating as shown below:


  • Weekly Rewards:
    • The following information will be displayed while engaging in weekly PvP Attacks:
      • Weekly Medal Payouts
      • Progression for each Divisional Ranking


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