CW Prizes are worthless crap.....

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Come on KIX time to update the CW prizes... Iron star parts and patterns are great for low to mid level players. But for higher players the prizes are totally worthless.

For alliance prizes from 10th as an absolute minimum we should be receiving DC stuff. Maybe from 5th XENO …

Enough with the sector prizes also.... Iron Star parts?   Sector prize 1st place. 4 x Vector Torpedo 1 … I bet the guys in the office were pissing themselves when they thought of that one.

And enough with the Infernal Gatling and Wave drivers, Vector FFS. No one is ever going to fit them you made sure of that with the ridiculous refit times. Who in there right mind is going to fit them ?

Apart from the coins ...everything else will simply fill up my inventory NEVER TO BE USED.
  • RemoveUnstableReactor
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    Fk you, i like my 2x1000 gold a month.

  • Necromancer of Ashes
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    It's said to be updated during the time axis ships are being introduced

  • kixeyeuser_1392497175873_100007758274433
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    This is what the prizes in my yard are doing. They can't be recycled.

  • bigblackyeti
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    @nashslash said:
    RemoveUnstableReactor said:

    Fk you, i like my 2x1000 gold a month.

    Learn to read **** I said the prizes NOT THE COINS ...

    But coins are prizes

  • Lee Van Cleef
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    yep, 100% worthless no sense to do it...
  • Coelus
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    I could fit only infernal gatling credits for 3 straight months and not even clear out all of my lvl3s.

    Really hope the axis project impliments some sort of recycling feature in addition to the hopefully dramatic fitting/building time decrease. Maybe we can exchange them for blood amber, coins, or even better, the time credits they mentioned. Recycle an infernal gatling 3 and get a 48hr time token... please? Because as stated time and time again, unless you coin through youre 2 week refit per hull, theyre a super big waste of space.

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    what cw?

  • Got No Coin
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    It's true the prizes are worthless except for the coins and even then I can get 100 coins in four days from my commerce module and don't have to waste my time. I pretty much sat this and the last one out.
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    Maybe they are trying to phase out CW, so they don't want to offer any real incentive to play it? It is rather odd, they could offer anything as prizes, but they are giving away useless junk.
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    They are putting all their devs effort toward new content every month: new alien bases new boss fleets new xeno only weapons etc.  There is no developer bandwidth to revamp CW prizes so the old outdated prize rotation just runs automatically.
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