Shatter Driver turret

Stho Khats
Stho Khats
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I've just made the research on Shatter driver turret til the III, but I can't set it on any combat module.

How does it work?

  • ChalkSix
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    The shatter driver turret is a reusable item (RI).  That means you can only equip it if you have some instances of it in your inventory.  Shatter driver turret RIs levels 1-3 drop from the boxes after defeating Alien outposts level 60+

    What you have researched is the ability to fuse lower level Shatter Driver turrets (lvl 1 & 2) into the lvl 3 turret.
  • Sequestor
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    I find shatter driver turret worse, than gemini turret. Not only shatter has 10% less damage, but it also deals only 70% of it on the impact.
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