I'll have roughly over a million xp at the end of the event. What should I get?

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I've already got tons of liberators and Weaver. Don't really have any of the current units apart from that. Should I buy the normal juggernaut? Or should I go for some schematic pieces for my libs or another hero?

I seem to be struggling more with defence than attack at the minute but that might be because I haven't put any avalanches turrets yet as they aren't upgraded much. I've got all my bunkers filled with liberators and achilles in silo and night owls in drone silo. Should I change any of this or do you have any tips?
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    Absolutely get the Juggernaut, it will take awhile and a level 10 tech center to level, but it is an amazing unit, but if you want some other options, I listed a few below.

    Go for fury's, if you need air. With wingmen they are the ultimate hit and and run.
    Also Phalanxes 350k xp? (35 mil thor) when in large numbers in a single platoon and high level are dangerous.
    Phalanxes are also awesome for defense, especially distracting units during defense waves.

    If you can't hold a lot of thorium yet, go for fury if you need air as they are only 25 mil thor.
    If you need a long range "tank" (I say tank because they do a lot of dmg, but take damage easier without the right armor or to burst damage...
    Vindicators are great. 200k xp. They take 33 mil thor to build, and have great area damage when grouped in 2-4 of 'em. They can be workshopped with +25 range, +1clip and -50%sustain dmg, *Both Fury and Vindicator tech was in shadow ops campaign in the last 6 months (along with other crap), but it was enough that I have some great customized vindicators and fury's, + 1 Bonesaw for the ice cannon to slow down the attackers.

    For about the same price as a vindicator this event 202k xp and 40 mil thor to build, you can get Hammers, but you will need lvl10 tech center to max them past lvl 4.
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