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Daily Raid is here!

Unicorn Overlord
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You can now earn certain critical components quickly by participating in Daily Raid. From your base view, tap on the Daily Raid button to see 3 different bases available to attack, with scaling difficulty and prizes. Every 24 hours, a new set of rewards will become available.

While in your base view, look for the Daily Raid button along the right-hand side of the screen. This opens a window that displays 3 different base types, with the easiest Armory to defeat on the left and the most difficult to beat on the right. Each attempt to attack a base will require an upfront resource cost, so be sure you’re ready for battle before you tap on the “Begin Raid” button.

Daily Raid resets every 24 hours. You can attempt to attack the bases as many times as you like, but you can only earn 3 victories within that timeframe. Fortunately, you can choose which combination of missions that you want to use your 3 victories for. For example, you could use 2 victories on the first raid and one victory on the third raid for that day.

It’s important to note that each time you defeat an Armory base that day; the resource cost to attack it and the critical component payout will increase.

Upon completing your 3 victories, the Daily Raids button will disappear. But don’t worry, it will appear again when the raids reset.

  • William Hogue
    William Hogue
    Joined Apr 2017 Posts: 5

    The criticals and metal rewards are self explanatory. However at my level there is a Four Horsemen Armory quantities of 15, 20, and 30. Will these points be rewarded to purchase something or is it only showing they are increasing difficulty?

  • Kyle Battle
    Kyle Battle
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    edited 21 Jun 2017, 2:03AM

    Any reports of bugs causing crashes? Just tried this for first time, after paying my oil and getting to the battle screen I was swiping thru my platoons when the game crashed with the "Please check your internet connection" and after automatic restart I'm back at my base, down the 3800 (?) oil it cost to attack, when I never got to attack. I reported this to Support.

    Note: my last platoon (#3) was damaged, no.'s 1 & 2 weren't so maybe this causes a crash? Game crashed just after I swiped to platoon 3.
  • craigo88
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 22

    Can you add a scout feature to this. Its expensive for oil to not know what you are getting into...

  • Herb469
    Joined Apr 2013 Posts: 4

    Why does it cost extra oil? It already costs oil in the form of repairing units.

  • Master of Shadows
    Master of Shadows
    Unicorn Overlord
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    Are you guys ever going to stop shamelessly using the Backyard Monsters Facebook Page to promote this latest piece of crap from the KIXEYE machine? Is that how desperate you've gotten to get people to play the latest time-waster from the indifferent company known as KIXEYE that has naught but disregard for the players?
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