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Faction Training Token FAQ


This FAQ will be updated with any new information to spread knowledge and awareness around all things related to Faction Training Tokens.

  • Q - What do the Faction Training Tokens do?
    • A - Faction Training Tokens allow you to promote Faction Units past level 10. Faction Training Tokens are used to level Faction Units from level 11 - level 20.
  • Q - Are Faction Training Tokens Unit specific?
    • A - Yes. To upgrade each Faction Unit, you will need to unlock the specific Training Token for said unit.
      • Example: Liberators can only be upgraded with Liberator Training Tokens, once the token requirement has been met.
  • Q - Do I have to align with a Faction to earn Faction Training Tokens?
    • A - No. You can remain Neutral. Faction Training Tokens can only be earned from successfully completing Faction Track Missions.
  • Q - If I play a specific Faction Track only, like Sentinels, can I earn all Faction Type Training Tokens?
    • A - No. You can only earn tokens Specific to the Faction Track you are playing through; example: Sentinels will issue Sentinel Training Tokens.
  • Q - What Training Tokens can I earn from each Faction Track?
    • A- You will earn the following Tokens when playing through each specific Faction Track:
      • Survivor Faction Track → Survivor Training Tokens
        • Bonesaw, Detonator, Disruptor, Hammer, Liberator
      • Corpus Faction Track → Corpus Training Tokens
        • Apollo, Fury, Hades, Phalanx, Spartan ZK
      • Sentinel Faction Track → Sentinel Training Tokens
        • Acolyte, Purifier, Seeker, Valiant, Vindicator
  • Q - Where can I find all Faction Training Tokens Earned?
  • Q - How many Training Tokens do I need to upgrade Faction Units?
    • A - Each Faction Unit will require a specific amount of Tokens to upgrade each Unit. The amount of Training Tokens needed will be displayed in the Upgrade Centers ( Academy / Aircraft Hangar / Tech Center ).
  • Q - How many Faction Training Tokens can I earn?
    • A - You can earn an unlimited amount of Faction Training Tokens. Keep in mind how many Faction Training Tokens you need for each Faction Unit Type so you do not earn too many excess tokens.
  • Q - Will I lose my Faction Training Tokens if I do not use them when the event ends?
    • A - No. Faction Training Tokens will remain on your account.

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